Movie RED

We started the day off with a surprise visit to Amber’s work. She was quite surprised to see us. She introduced us to her boss and her boss’ boss. It was a nice place to visit.

After that I dropped Elizabethe off at Becky’s house. I met up with Rebecca and Chris and we went to lunch.

We then went and picked up Elizabethe and we went to watch the movie RED. I highly recommend this movie. It is extremely funny. Mary-Louise Parker is a riot in this movie. I haven’t laughed that hard at a movie in ages. Hollywood CAN make funny movies that are clean.

After the movie Elizabethe and I did some shopping. We went to emergency essentials, Deseret books, and Michael’s. We ran into a returned missionary, Elder Murphy, who served in Palmyra. It was nice seeing him.

After that we came over to Mark’s house. Amber later joined us with Brianna. We had fun singing Christmas songs, letting girls open their presents and just visiting.

Mondays Should be Cancelled

Mondays should be cancelled from the week.  I started the day off locking myself out of a switch.  I had to find someone in San Antonio who was willing to help me get back  in to it.  I felt like a real klutz.  After that, I was so nervous about touching anything else that it really made it hard to concentrate.  Think of it like this… imagine setting mice traps, and one smacks your knuckles.  The rest of the job you are going to be really nervous and jittery.

When I went to pick up Elizabethe, it was 93 outside.  That is the hottest day I’ve felt here in Palmyra.  I tried to do a little sheet rock work upstairs, but the heat was making me sweat too much.  Too much of that and the old ‘K’ (potassium) levels start to drop and then you feel miserable the rest of the day while you try to get them back and rehydrate.  You know the old saying, “if you feel thirsty, it is too late.”  That’s a good rule of thumb to follow when you are on high blood pressure medication.

I stopped by the autobody shop to pick up a check.  He couldn’t find the paperwork.  I told him I had it at home.  So, get this, he wrote me a blank check and said, “Here just fill in the amount when you get home.”

I love living in a place where people trust each other.  They are patriotic.  They understand and stand behind our Constitution.  (Many of these people are descendants of the people who fought the British so we could become the United States.)  They are down-to-earth great people.

I got a call from Rob Baldwin.  He chided me about not having told him we moved.  It was nice hearing from Rob.  (If you’re in the Bay Area – Rob’s a great Realtor!)  Rob’s been a friend for a long time.

Srini and Me
Srini and Me

I know the above photo is from a few weeks back.  (I just got around to copying the pictures to my computer.)  But, that’s Srini and me and some of the actors from the Hill Cumorah Pageant.

Post-Pageant Sunday

Well, there must have been about 1,400 people at church today.  The place was completely full.   Tomorrow, they will all be heading back home for the most part.  By the end of the week, there will be only the Crookstons here in the house with us.

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon.  It was nice to take a long nap.  Last week was fun, but demanding.  Now, it is done.  Over.  Finished…. until next year.

Gerdy’s sat around and talked with us for a while.  They are planning on coming back next year and are already planning their stay.  They were telling us about some of the sites they have seen in the area (that Elizabethe and I have not yet seen.)

Don and Sharon Gerdy
Don and Sharon Gerdy

Tomorrow it is back to  work.  In some ways, I welcome the change in routine.  Yet, there are still things I need to get done around here.  I need to get the shelf built where the washer & dryer will stand, wire, insulate and sheet rock the office, fence the garden, touch-up paint the garage and house, call someone to repair the rain gutters, and I could go on, but you get the point.

I do love it here.  The weather is quite nice (and winters are not as bad as people who haven’t lived here think).  I’ve got squirrels and rabbits running in my yard.  My garden grows faster than it ever did in California.  (Longer summer days and more water.)    I can walk to my doctor’s office, the barber, the grocery store, the candy store, the ice cream shop, the Chinese take-out, and most any place else I need to go.

Pageant with Srini

Mormons do not worship Joseph Smith.

A move of this size comes with a lot of unpacking.  I spent a good portion of the day opening boxes and trying to find what I need for setting up my servers and desktop computer.  (My laptop is sufficient for most things, but is somewhat of a pain to use all of the time.)  I managed to get things set up to an extent, but couldn’t find my 10/100BaseT switch which meant WiFi’ing everying.  Slow… very slow.

Patty came for Day-2 of her internship, and shortly after she arrived, my sister-in-law’s mom and her friends showed up.  Elizabethe gave them the tour of the mansion, while I did some Lightroom training with Patty.  After their tour, Patty and I took their photos out on the front steps…

Dorothy and Friends
Dorothy and Friends

.. walked with them to the E.B. Grandin Building and took some photos there…

At the Grandin Press Building
At the Grandin Press Building

… and then parted company with them.  They went on to Chill-n-Grill (best ice cream cones around), and we went back to the mansion.As we were passing the Village Hall, a police with lights and siren going went speeding west on Main Street.  I joked that someone just have jay-walked.  However, as we got right in front of my house, it was evident that it was much more serious than that.Wreck in Front of My House

I didn’t see what happened, so this is only hearsay.  But, appearantly someone talking on a cell phone veered head-on into a semi-truck going the opposite direction.  The truck, trying to avoid her knocked off several branches from my trees.  It appears the cell-phone-talking-driver went under his rear tire, breaking the truck’s rear axel, and bringing the car to a grinding (literally) halt.  Someone was life-flighted out.  A little toddler in the car seemed to be unharmed and unfazed by the whole event.Moral of the story is – don’t let things distract you while driving !!!  (I am against the outlawing of cell phone conversations while driving.  However, I think if you are involved in an accident while being distracted by ANYTHING, you should (1) pay the price, and (2) re-think taking public transportation or walking before you kill someone.)After Patty left, Srini came over and we went to watch the pageant.  It was a perfect night for it weatherwise.  Srini met some of the cast, and we got a good chuckle over the antis who were yelling really ignorant things.  (People who yell at Mormons, “Worship Jesus, not Joseph Smith,” are really quite ignorant because Mormons do NOT worship Joseph Smith. )On of the Actors and Srini