How Would This Affect You?

I recently read a string of comments on a web site about where indigenous Americans came from.  The discussion was among a lot of fellow Latter-day Saints.  (And, if you are not a Latter-day Saint, we believe the Book of Mormon to be a history of a people who settled in this land around 600 B.C. and their record ends around A.D. 400.  The people in this book came from Jerusalem.)

I cringe when members of the church hinge their belief in the Book of Mormon upon physical evidence.

So, I ask, “How would this affect you?”

How would it affect you if someone came out and published evidence that went completely contrary to your belief in the Book of Mormon?

If you were alive in 1981 when a letter surfaced that claimed that Joseph Smith, III, should lead the church?  I was, and it was interesting to see how people took that letter.   It later proved to be a hoax perpetrated by Mark Haufman.  In fact, before that came to light, the church donated the so-called letter to the RLDS church, and while some questioned at the time why they would do such a thing, in time  it proved to be an inspired move.

When it comes down to it, what really matters is personal revelation.  You can look to all sorts of physical evidences that either speak for, or against the book, but what really matters is what you learn when you read the book.

This is neither the place or the forum to go in to why I believe the Book of Mormon to be factual and the word of God.  What is important is this, no amount of physical evidence is going to sway me one way or the other in regards to the nature of the Book of Mormon.  I and others have a sure knowledge of its truthfulness, while others stop short or waste time hoping for some “Holy Grail” (so to speak) to be found.

So, to my fellow church members, I’d have to ask, if someone came forth with very convincing evidence which they claim disproves the Book of Mormon, how would it affect you?

The answer should be, “It won’t.  I already have my evidence.”

White Friday

I think today would be more appropriately called, ‘White Friday’.  The snow outside is beautiful.

White:  presence of all colors, light, life, purity
White: presence of all colors, light, life, purity

I really dislike the phrase “Black Friday”.   In the last decade or so, it has become the name given to the day after Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving, a holiday commissioned by Abraham Lincoln, is a day of giving thanks to God.  Then, the media and commercial world turns around and dubs the day after this beautiful holiday, “Black”?

Black is devoid of color and light.  It reflects nothing, and consumes all light that hits it.  It doesn’t exist in the spectrum because it is void of photons.  Hence, it has been known to represent death, despair, darkness, loneliness and evil.

While we live in a world where employees at some companies are punished for saying, “Merry Christmas”, we have no problem dubbing a day, “Black Friday”.

I for one don’t participate in so-called “Black Friday” sales.  I’d rather not deal with the rude crowds and loss leader sales.  I’ve yet to ever get a really good deal on Thanksgiving weekend that was worth the time.  Instead, I’ll get some work done in the office.

Thanksgiving Day 2013

It is nice to have a true day off.  Elizabethe and I spent a leisurely morning.  I did go and clear the light dusting of snow off the sidewalk and driveway.

copyright 2013 db walton
Thanksgiving Morning

We then both tinkered on our laptops in front of the fireplace while watching Down and Derby (a move about a Pinewood Derby).  It’s a silly movie, but should be required for every dad to watch before participating in a Pinewood Derby with his son.

Next we headed to our bishop’s house to have dinner with them.  It was a nice visit and such wonderful food.  (Sister Taylor is a wonderful cook and hostess.)  We sat around and talked for a while and then had dessert.  I brought one of my pecan pies and it was a hit.

We then went home and spent a quiet evening at home.

Baking Day

All good intentions aside, I had hoped to bake all day.  But, morning errands, shoveling snow, catching up on last minute before-the-holiday work items, and I didn’t even start in the kitchen until about 3pm.

I managed to bake a pecan pie, a couple of turkey pot pies, some cookies (with Elizabethe’s help), and some granola.  The pecan pie is for tomorrow, but the turkey pot pies were dinner tonight.

copyright 2013 db walton
Front of House This Morning (11/27/2013)


The snow was about 4-5″ deep this morning and it was wet and heavy.  It was all I could do to shovel a couple of tracks for the car to get out as Elizabethe had a 9am appointment.  I actually got stuck in the driveway, and had to get out and dig around the tires.

When we came home from our appointment, someone had shoveled the rest of the sidewalk for us.  (Thank you to whomever you are.  That was very nice of you.)

When I got done baking, I was exhausted.  I got a lot done, and I feel beat.

Storm Coming Our Way

They say a huge storm is coming our way.  Now, if you have been following my weather posts (you can see past years under Season Watch), you’ll know that snow usually hits around December 1st.  With about a week to go, this is sounding more like a January storm.

We got out of the temple tonight and everything was covered with white.  It looked beautiful.  Here’s a pic shot with my Windows Phone…

copyright 2013 db walton
Palmyra Temple and Snow

Looks like we might have a White Thanksgiving.

No Day Off

Just because I normally take Monday’s off, doesn’t mean this is a 2-day work week for me.  Instead, I didn’t take today off and worked my butt off trying to be ready for Thanksgiving.

People have such a misconstrued notion of what self-employment is like.  I think some people think you just get up and decide what you’ll do that day, and if you don’t feel like working, then you take the day off.

Not so.

Instead, you get up thinking you have no appointments.  Then, you open your e-mail.  You see a message from Client #1.  They want you to retouch a 3 year old picture for their anniversary.  Then you see another from Client #2.  They finally decided what prints they want for their Christmas card.  Then there’s Client #3 who has some changes they want made to the family portrait.  Before you know it, the day you thought was void of must-do work is now full of things to do.

Because my business is consumer driven, I often have times when unanticipated work comes through the door.  At the same time, I have days when there are no pressing issues.  Those days I find myself saying, ‘I need to get busy to business because I have nothing to do.’

Big businesses have fewer ups and downs.  Small businesses, like mine, require constant adjustments to the work flow.

So, today was no day off.

Day 2 of Stake Conference 2013

We woke to about 2 inches of snow this morning.  The temperatures really dropped in the last couple of days.  So, I was out clearing off the sidewalks and driveway before heading to conference.

We had a delightful conference.

Upon getting home Elizabethe and I started preparing dinner for the missionaries.  We had a turkey that had to get cooked, so instead of stuffing it with the traditional stuffing, we used some of the veggies we had – carrots, cabbage, potatoes, and onions.

I also made a German chocolate cream pie for dessert.  With the turkey in the oven and the pie in the fridge, it was time for a nap.


Stake Conference, November 2013

I had a nice conversation with a friend whom I will be traveling to Israel with.  He’s been there before, and it will be my first trip.  I’m excited to be going.

Our stake conference was today.  I was organist for both sessions.  I’m not sure what happened with the intermediate hymn during the 1st session, but my fingers just didn’t listen to my brain while I was trying to play the introduction.  Perhaps I was thinking 2 sharps instead of 1 ?  Not sure, but it was a little unnerving.  But, prayers were answered and the rest of the hymns went just fine.

During the last session, they did something pretty clever.  They had a Q&A session, but asked members to text their questions.  One of the counselors in the presidency had a tablet and read the questions and then various stake and mission leaders answered them.

A great good use for technology.

Grand Central Studio

Scheduling appointments every 30 minutes can create a very busy day.  I know people forget, and run late, and I take that all in to account.  I figure, the people who forget will create holes for spill-over from those who run late.  And, it all works out in the end.

Working on a mission assignment, I did a lot of expression shots today.  Here’s some of my favorite expressions.

copyright 2013 db walton
I’m sorry
copyright 2013 db walton
I’m disappointed
copyright 2013 db walton
I’m not believing you
copyright 2013 db walton
I’m guilty

If you think you can say a lot with your expression, let me know.  I’m still going to be gathering expression shots.  I’d also like to get some involving a work place.  (i.e. like someone sitting at their desk making different expressions.)

The Phone Drop

Electronics now days are so complex they are hard to troubleshoot.  To trouble shoot a flashlight it used to be replace the batteries, replace the bulb, clean the contacts.  A modern cell phone however, is another story.

I dropped my phone and shortly after discovered I couldn’t hear and people couldn’t hear me when calling.  This is bewildering because the phone rang (thus making a sound).  Yet, in the process of troubleshooting, I discovered I couldn’t play ringtones, but when someone called me, the ringtone would sound.  Also, when on speaker phone, people could hear me and I could hear them.

After turning it on and off, removing the battery and re-installing it, it still would not function right.  I even removed the SIM card and still, it wouldn’t work right.  However, after removing the SIM card for the 2nd time, it started working.

Hardware is not my game.

Mark your calendars for December 7th.  Historic Palmyra is having a Candlelight Holiday Homestead Tour.  The tour starts at 4pm at the Phelps Store at 132 Market Street, and ends at the Coverlet Museum.  The cost for advanced tickets is $20 ($25 at the door.)  You can make reservations by calling (315) 597-6981.    The Beckwith Mansion will be included on the tour.