It Seemed Like Forever

I waited until the lawn got good and dry today before I mowed it.  It seemed like forever to get it done.  The grass was so thick I had to stop nearly every lap to empty the catchers.

I’ve noticed in areas of the lawn there are some broadleaf plants.  I think they are plantain plants. (Not the banana-like fruit from South America, but a low growing leafy plant.)  I don’t know if I should hit the lawn with some weed-n-feed, or just let it be.

A former temple missionary and her husband stopped by today to purchase one of my prints.  We had a nice visit.  (And, for anyone who doesn’t know, you can purchase my prints at the house.  The best thing is to call (315) 359-5280 to let us know you want to come by.   We also have a full inventory of my postcards as well as copies of my Palmyra book.)

Palmyra, New York - by db walton
Palmyra, New York – by db walton

Surprises Await

Surprises await those who go to the temple after today.  The evening shift was pleasantly surprised tonight.  I came away with a whole new insight.  It also means from now on we will be getting out of the temple a little later, but its worth it.

I spent a good portion of the day resting so my back will heal.  Stupid things like lifting something to place it in the car (lift and twist motion) cause set backs.  I just have to stop doing that for a while.

Says the man hitting him self in the head with the hammer, “Doc, it hurts when I do this.  Can you help?”

The doctor responds, “Yes, stop doing it.”

Well, I feel like that man.

It’s the pits growing older.

Smoker Assembly

We finally purchased a BBQ grill.  Actually, it’s a smoker.  It came in a huge box and of course, needed assembly.

It’s much like the one we had in California.  The difference is, the quality (and this one is also a bit larger.)  It’s a large barrel with a small one attached to the side which is the firebox.

I am very impressed with the quality.  We got it at Tractor Supply, and this thing is built to last.

Of course, I had to burn some wood in it to assure the oil and paint smells got burned off.  After that, I smoked some pork chops for dinner.  They turned out well, but a little dry.

The next time I see pork roasts on sell, I’m getting a couple to brine and slow smoke (i.e. turn them in to ham.)  Elizabethe would like me to make some bacon too.


Still Getting Lots of Rain

And, if you were here, and didn’t get a chance to purchase a copy of my coffee table book on Palmyra, you can purchase it at here…

We got out of church today and it was just pouring.  I cannot believe the amount of rain we are getting this summer.

Although pageant is over, we still have lots of visitors at church.  I think about 1/2 of the high priest group were visitors from Arizona and Utah, and a couple from Canada.  It seems to be a busy year for visiting Palmyra.

When you plan a trip to Palmyra, please plan to visit more than just a day.  There is enough to do in the area you can stay busy.  And, while you are here, make sure you frequent some of the businesses.  Nima’s makes great calzones.  Happiness Garden is very good and tasty Chinese food.  Candy Corner Fudge Square makes the best fudge around.  And, there is always Latter-day Harvest House.

And, if you were here, and didn’t get a chance to purchase a copy of my coffee table book on Palmyra, you can purchase it at here…



Ice Cream Social at Church

I had a shoot today, but spent most of the day catching up on stuff because I was in class all week.  I could really use an assistant, but I don’t have the volume to justify it.  Even a commissioned sales representative would help.  (Someone could make some good pocket money.)

We had an ice cream social at church.  The high priest group leadership did the dishing.  We had about 100 people there.  It was a nice evening.

Day 5 of Workshop 2013

Workshop came to an end today.  It was an intense week, but I learned a lot.  I’m glad I took Helen Yancy’s class.  She’s a remarkable artist.

I came home to discover some moron tried to take out a loan with me as a co-signer.  I put an end to that real quick.  What possesses people to make such moronic moves?  Drugs?  Who knows.

Day 4 of Workshop 2013

I really love Helen Yancy as an instructor.  She’s patient, and always has something good to say about what I’m working on.  I wish I would have taken one of her classes 40 years ago.

We worked on a landscape watercolor today.  Much easier and more relaxing that the likeness of a person.  You can take liberties in landscape work that if you took them in a portrait people would say, “That doesn’t look like her.”

We had our banquet after class.  I’m glad I took this class over the others.  When I saw the work from the other classes I had to yawn and say to myself, “Been there… done that.”  Instead, I was taught by one of the great portrait artists of our times.


Here are the pictures I painted during class (some weren’t completed)…

Portrait - Another Class Assignment
Portrait – Another Class Assignment
The Start of a Barn Watercolor
The Start of a Barn Watercolor
Photo Restoration Using Painting Techiques
Photo Restoration Using Painting Techiques
Watercolor Portrait
Watercolor Portrait
Cat - Our First Class Painting
Cat – Our First Class Painting

Day 3 of Workshop 2013

By the end of the day my brain was toast.  Painting is actually relaxing, but having to paint to keep up with the instructor is somewhat stressful and mentally exhausting.  There is something about hearing, “Okay, is everyone ready to go on to the next step,” that sends a surge of panic through the mind and body.

We worked on a water color of a little girl by a window.  Everything seemed to go well except the hair.  I’m sure had I been able to set it aside for another day and come back to it, it would have been okay.  Again, the stress of having to get-it-done took its toll.

Few people appreciate good art.  We live in this world where you can buy a $5 poster of an out-of-copyright piece at Michael’s, throw it in a $10 frame, hang it on the wall and think we’ve got a masterpiece.  There is something about an original that can never be treated as ‘cheap.’

I’m going to go home and crash.

Workshop 2013 Day 2

I finished my cat portrait. (Can you call a painting of a cat a portrait?) We then did an oil painting of the instructor’s granddaughter. I finished that too, and we’re now working on a watercolor portrait of a young girl.

Last year’s class with Jim Cunningham was good, but it wasn’t as detailed as this class. Helen is making us paint (instead of copy/clone). I left class with my head swimming in circles. My brain is shot. I’ll post some of them when I get a chance.

This is not easy stuff. You’ve got to keep up with the instructor and other students, and although she gives us time to work on them, she expects us to stay on schedule. This isn’t a complaint. I like it this way. It’s just physically and mentally taxing.

PPSNYS Workshop 2013

My PPSNYS Workshop class started today. I’m taking a painting class from Helen Yancy. The class is going well, and I’m as tired as I can be.

Right now, we’re working on the painting of a cat. Here’s what I painted today. (Far from being done.)

Start of a Painting of a Cat
Start of a Painting of a Cat

I love what the instructor said when someone said, “This is hard.”

She said it if were easy, anyone could do it, and you’d be getting paid minimum wage. I’m still trying to figure out if I should stick to a flat rate, or charge by the hour to do commissioned painted portraits. Right now, I charge a flat fee. But, I’m thinking of changing that a bit.