If the Election Were Held Today…

Now, if we could find congressmen and senators with qualities equal to those of Mitt Romney, we might have a chance.

If the election were held today, I would vote for Mitt Romney.  In 2008, I had my doubts about him, but since then I’ve noticed some positive changes and strength.  So, here is why I would vote for him…

1)  He is a business man.  He didn’t make his millions writing a book about himself, or exploiting government programs.  He was a venture capitalist which means he helped businesses start.  Yes, this meant he had to make decisions about which businesses got money, and which ones did not.  That’s just common sense, and it demonstrated he has good common sense.  He knows how to run a business and this country is a business.  (Note:  Most of our elected officials are NOT businessmen – they are career politicians who have never had a real job.  Romney has had real jobs.)  Detractors will try to point out the people who lost jobs because Bain Capital (Romney’s old company) did not fund them.  WHAT?  REALLY?  If I came to you and asked for money, are you just going to give it to me?  No, you are going to want a return on your investment, and if I don’t give you the promised return, you are going to stop loaning me money, right?  That’s the way Bain works.  Bain gives companies money, and if they return a profit, they will consider giving more money.  If they do not, then the money stops.  That IS BUSINESSES.  (People who think money should flow freely have a mental defect… seriously.)

2)  His having been a Mormon bishop and stake president speaks volumes about his understanding of welfare and how it should work.  The Mormon church has the MOST successful welfare system in the world.  100% of donations received go to the needed.  There are no overhead costs, and bishops and stake presidents make sure it works the way it should.  Having someone in the U.S. Presidency who understands the principles behind such a system could lead to welfare and tax reform in this country and could improve the economy.

3)  He has a moral backbone.  I’ve heard our current president say he’s Muslim, and I’ve heard him also say he’s Christian.  You can’t be both.  I want a leader who is clear on who he is and where is moral compass is pointed.

4)  He won’t try to hide who he is.  Every time someone tries to find out something about President Obama, it gets blocked by the courts.  I have no idea what Barack Obama is trying to hide from us, but I don’t like it.  Besides, Mitt has grown up in the spot light with his dad.  We know who Mitt is, and we know where he’s been, and where he came from.

5)  Mitt knows how to work.  I really question whether Barack Obama has ever really done things like build a fence, dig out a tree stump, help a neighbor re-roof a house, change diapers, cook a meal for a bunch of people, and I could go on.  Mitt may not have done all of those things, but I know he’s done a lot of them and when needed, I think Mitt could fix a leaky faucet in the White House.  For some reason, I think our current Commander-in-Chief would let it drip until someone could be summoned to fix it.

6)  Of anyone who has stepped forward to run for president, I really believe Mitt Romney is the only candidate who can turn things around in Washington, D.C.

Reason that is not a reasons for my voting for him:  I’m not voting for him because he is Mormon.  Heck, Harry Reid is Mormon and I wouldn’t vote for him for anything.

Now, if we could find congressmen and senators with qualities equal to those of Mitt Romney, we might have a chance.

Did I Need to Mow It?

Elizabethe asked what my plans were for the day.  I told her I am going to mow the lawn.  She asked, “Does it need it?”

This drought has left the lawn dry and dead looking.  The only thing that has grown has been weeds.  However, the heat has caused a lot of leaves to drop from the trees too.  So, I figured it would at least vacuum the leaves.

While I was making my rounds, I noticed the thunder storm the other night caused some branches to fall.

Fallen Branch from Walnut Tree

The second branch was hung up in the tree, but I managed to bring it safely down.

Another Fallen Branch

I am very thankful neither one came through the roof of the shed.  Both were over the shed.

When I got done mowing the lawn, it looked so much better.  I only filled 4 baskets with cut grass and leaves.  That’s not very much for 1.81 acres.

After cleaning up, I headed to Wegmans and Tops to grocery shop.  It’s been a few weeks and so we were past due for a lot of things.  However, we’ve been eating a lot of cucumbers and squash as our garden is producing lots of them.

The Formula to Save the Economy

The Book of Mormon has the formula for saving the economy. ” If ye will keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land.”

Today in Sunday School, we were going over Alma Chapter 36.  For those who are not Latter-day Saints, this chapter is a dad’s talk to his son.  The dad talks about the mistakes of his past and what turned him around.

I got thinking about a recurring theme in this chapter, and throughout the book.  It is this:

If you keep the commandments you shall prosper in the land.

It is the blessing God gave to the Promise Land (the Americas).  If we keep the commandments we will prosper in the land.  It is a blessing with a promise.  Equally, we see a warning that if we do not keep the commandments, we will be cut off.  (Cut off from the presence of God and his revelations.)

Throughout the Book of Mormon, we see a repeated pattern.  The righteous people prosper, the wicked ones do not.  Then, after the righteous ones get a prideful, they start becoming wicked by allowing little things to creep in to their society.  Little things like the way the Zoramites began to pray for recognition of men.  Or, the way the people in Jacob’s time treated their women and children.  Once they started this downhill slide, it wasn’t long until their enemies took them over.

We as a nation could learn so much from the Book of Mormon.  But, I know that’s not going to happen on a large scale.  There are too many blind people who cannot see what is happening.

It works like this…

If I tell you it is wrong to do something, and you ask, “Says who?”

I say, “God says.”

You say, “I don’t believe in God.”

Does that change anything?  For me, no.  I believe in God, and that all men are accountable to Him.

For the unbelieving there is no moral basis for anything.  You might as well question the laws of the land.   What basis do those laws have if you don’t believe in God?

We need to get back to our moral roots.  We don’t commit murder, because God said, “Thou shalt not kill.”  We don’t take what doesn’t belong to us, because God said, “Thou shalt not still.”  There eight other commandments given to Moses, most of them have been pushed by the wayside because people do not want to associate God with our society.  However, you simply cannot deny the existence of God and think such things will go away.

Every blessing we receive from God is a result of obedience to his commandments.  Knowingly or unknowingly, that’s the way it works.    The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can make changes to receive more blessings.

The Book of Mormon has the formula for saving the economy.  ” If ye will keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land.”  Do we as a people have the courage to turn things around?  Or, do we continue to let evil circles dominate public opinion and entertainment?

Read the book if you want to find out what happens in the end.  (To request a free copy, go to http://mormon.org/free-book-of-mormon )

D. Brent Walton lives in Palmyra, New York.  Brent and his wife run the Beckwith Mansion (http://www.beckwithmansion.com) and Brent is a full-time professional photographer (http://www.dbwalton.com and http://www.FineArtbyDB.com).

Demonstration of Painter

I invited Pres. Tanner to come see a demonstration of Corel Painter 12.  He was like a little kid seeing a new toy for the first time.  I had fun showing him too.

While he was here, I started this painting.  (I completed it after he left.  Please note – this is a digital painting, but it was not some automatic drawing mode.  This was created the same way I would make an oil painting on canvas, except without the mess and clean up.)

Car in Bodie, California

Here’s the photograph from which I based this painting…

Photograph from which the painting is based.

The cool thing about this process is, once I have it printed, transferred to canvas, and then acrylic gesso applied, it looks like an oil painting.

I substituted for a friend at the temple tonight.  It was fairly busy, and because it was our ward temple night, I saw lots of ward members.

The Doctor’s

After yesterday and last night’s ordeal, I headed in to the doctor’s office today.  He basically said it was something that has been building up for some time and now it is time to see a specialist.   So, I headed to the lab for a PSA test, and now I need to wait for the referral to the urologist.

Elizabethe and I helped clean the church building.  I debated on whether I should or not, but I figured pushing the big vacuum wouldn’t hurt.  Wrong.  It hurt.  I was so beat after I suggested we just go to Burger King and get something quick for dinner.

Tomorrow’s another day.

The Turning Point

When I was about 45, the eye doctor informed me I need tri-focals.  When I was about 50, the doctor said, “These things happen to us guys when we turn 50.”  Now that I’m 55, I wonder what the next turning point is.

Growing old has its advantages.  I find I don’t make as many mistakes as I used to.  I have all that experience to fall back on and that leads to greater confidence.  Like all things, our bodies tend to wear our.  Today that really hit home as a disadvantage of growing older.

Around lunch time, I experienced some pain like I’ve never felt before.  I started asking myself, “Could these be a kidney stone passing through my bladder?”  It really hurt.

I returned to the house and asked Elizabethe if I could have the bedroom to myself to see if resting would make this better.  After laying there for a while, I went to roll over.  Each attempt caused a shooting pain.  I could just lay there in discomfort, but at some point, I was going to have to get off the bed so I could go pee.  Attempting some creative leg movements, I figured if I could leverage the weight of my leg I might be able to swing one leg around and that would provide some counter weight for lifting my torso.  Of course, I was there by myself and I was in a pickle.  I couldn’t ask Elizabethe to come give me a hand because I sent her out of the room, and I couldn’t use my cell phone to call her because if I couldn’t get to my cell phone for the same reason.


I don’t think I have ever experienced pain so sever it has made me nauseated.  I’ve heard other people talk about that sort of pain in relationship to kidney stones and child-birth.  I now know what they are talking about.  As I forced myself to move in such a way that it caused excruciating pain, I found it also brough on the urge to hurl.

Managing to get in to a sitting position, I swung my legs around and planted both feet on the floor.  Rising to my feet, that nauseating feeling returned as I made my way to the bathroom.

What was worse than the pain were all the thoughts of unfinished business.  I’ve got a commitment tomorrow night to clean the church.  Friday I told Greg I would substitute for him at the temple.  Saturday I’ve got a wedding.  I then started to catastorphize about things:

  • I’ll miss Amber’s wedding.
  • If I am totally incapacitated, would Elizabethe know who to call at GRPP to find another photographer to cover my appointments?
  • I’ll need another substitute for the wedding the week before Amber’s wedding
  • Will the airlines refund my ticket because I’m sick?
  • How much are these medical bills going to cost?

Before long,  the stress was making me more sick.  I finally manged to get to sleep and started to feel better.  A good rest is always a good turning point.

Stalkers (Well, Not Really)

I walk in to the temple today and one of our full-time temple missionaries is wagging her finger at me in a scornful way.

“What did I do?”, I thought.

She went on to say that she had staked out a location out front, waiting for me to arrive, and I turned the wrong way.  As a result, she wasn’t able to stop me.

Now I’m thinking, “What DID I DO?”

She then said she came to the house and I wasn’t there.

Ah, now my memory is refreshed.  She bought a copy of my book and I told her I would sign it.  Well, we managed to make connection at the end of the evening.  It is kind of flattering to have someone ask you to sign your book.

D. Brent Walton, cpp, is author and artist of the book PalmyraPalmyra is a self-published book of images in around the Village of Palmyra.  It features pictures and paintings of Palmyra, New York, and is a nice addition to any coffee table.  To purchase a copy of the book, please contact the author at brent@dbwalton.com.  The cost is $69.99 (shipping and tax extra).  You can see much of Brent’s work at http://www.FineArtbyDB.com.

Old Sayings Have Some Truth

It is a matter of discipline, I know that. I need to schedule my time better. I rationalize this behavior by telling myself, ‘At least my clients get their product that much sooner.’

Old sayings have some truth behind them.  Like, “A penny saved is a penny earned”, or, “The early bird gets the worm”.  There is one I’ve heard several variations on, but it is so applicable to being self-employed.  It goes something like, “When you own your own business you have a jerk for a boss.”

Today was supposed to be my day off.  Nooooooo.  I couldn’t take the day off.  I had work to do.

So, what did I spend the day doing on my day off?


It is a matter of discipline, I know that.  I need to schedule my time better.  I rationalize this behavior by telling myself, ‘At least my clients get their product that much sooner.’

Even my play time can become work.  If I go on a bike ride, what do I do?  I take a camera.  What do I do when I get home?  I load the pictures on the computer.  What do I do after that?  I start retouching them.

Aye, yi, yi.

My boss better value me as an employee and start paying me better.  That’s all I’ve got to say about it.

Sunday After Pageant

I think we might have had record attendance at sacrament meeting.  We filled the building.  Brother and Sister Pitt talked.  They recently returned from serving a mission where he was mission president of the Utah Provo Mission.

Most of our house guests left this morning.  The Pauleys are still here as they had their last assignment as site volunteers.

The full-time missionaries and the Pauleys joined us for dinner.  I fixed BBQ ribs. (I was a bit disappointed in the poor quality meat however.  I’ve now bought about every type of meat Breen’s sells, and I’ve been disappointed every time. )

We are supposed to start getting rain.  We really need it.  The lawn is so dead.