And, Here is Another 5

For 11-15…

  1. Eat a “hot” at Bad Dog Hots (305 E Main Street)

  2. Shop for tractors at John S. Blazey’s (Corner of Holmes & Main)

  3. Get groceries at Breen’s (Main & Division Street)

  4. Get an ice cream at Chill-n-Grill (open summer only)

  5. Buy stamps for your postcards at the Post Office (between Chill-n-Grill & Athena’s)


After spending a couple of hours at ESL setting up a new IRA, it was time to mow the lawn.

Palmyra’s Best Front Lawn

I sure love the look of the lawn after I mow it.  There is something satisfying about looking at a well groomed lawn after cutting it.

Elizabethe and I have decided to offer something new for people who want to vacation in Palmyra, but are on a budget.  The background of this offer is this… it is only me and Elizabethe and we too are on a budget.  There is more work around here than the two of us can do.

Here’s the offer…

Plan a 3-day trip to Palmyra.  Day 1 we want you to put 6 hours of work in or around the mansion.  After your 6 hours, the next two nights at the mansion are on us.  (If you are traveling solo, you will stay in one of the smaller guest rooms.  Two people, you’ll be upgraded to one of the larger rooms.)  Also, this offer is NOT good during Hill Cumorah Pageant, and the week prior to pageant.

What would you be doing?

Well, depending on the time of year, it might be light yard work or house work.  We’ll provide any tools and/or cleaning supplies.

One more thing about the offer… when you call to reserve the room, will will collect payment for one night.  If you come, work and spend 2 nights, we will refund your payment.  Or, you can come spend 3 nights.

It’s a pretty good deal, and if you’re a college student and you and some friends want to save some bucks and have a fun trip… this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

5 More Things From 101 Things to do in Palmyra, NY

Continuing my list…

  1. our the E.B. Grandin Building (217 E Main Street)

  2. Visit Alvin Smith’s Grave (Old cemetery on Church Street)

  3. Buy fudge at Candy Corner Fudge Square (205 E Main Street), Say, “Hi”, to Les & Joan

  4. Buy a used book next door (207 E Main Street)

  5. Buy postcards at Latter-day Harvest House (213 E Main Street)

  6. Shop for antiques at Brickhouse Antiques (247 E Main Street)

Don’t worry about compiling the list.  First of all, I’ll post all 101 and more when I reach the end. 

When Visiting, Where Do You Start?

When visiting Palmyra, too many people just breeze through here.  A recent guest at the mansion commented that it took her nearly 3 hours to walk through the Sacred Grove, and she had thought she was only going to be there about an hour.  (Folks, the enjoy the grove, plan on spending at least 1/2 the day there!  Oh, and do it after you’ve had a good rest, not after driving or flying all day.)

For the next little while, I’m going to post 101 things to do in Palmyra.

To answer the question, when visiting Palmyra, where do you start, here’s the start of my list…

  1. Walk through the Sacred Grove (Stafford Road) – give yourself 2-3 hours if you want to walk all the trails and to sit and meditate in the grove.

  2. Tour the Smith Frame Home and Log Home (Stafford Road) – Add another hour to your visit to the Sacred Grove.

  3. Hike the Hill Cumorah (State Rt. 21) – If you are going to hike it, an hour.  Driving to the top, about 20-30 minutes to walk around and see the top of the hill.

  4. Visit the Visitor’s Center at Hill Cumorah – add about an hour

  5. Tour the E.B. Grandin Building (217 E Main Street) – about 90 minutes

As you can see, if you do all 5 of those things in one day, it will be a full and busy day.  Can you see them all in an afternoon?  Yes, but you’ll be rushed and won’t be able to enjoy them.  I really recommend taking your time, especially when you go to the Sacred Grove.  Nothing can ruin a walk through the Sacred Grove like feeling you need to hurry to catch your plane, or get on the road to be somewhere else.

In fact, my recommendation for these first five items are as follows:

Schedule a full day.  Get up at the crack of dawn and head to the Smith Farm and go straight to the grove.  Take your time.  Bring your journal with you.  Bring your camera.  Just enjoy being there.  There are many benches throughout the grove where you can site.  (Oh, and put insect repellant on before going.  If it is warm weather, you do not want to be “bugged” by the bugs.)

After you are done in the grove, walk to the Welcome Center and request a tour of the Log and Frame homes.  By the time you are done with those tours, you will be ready for lunch.  (There will be recommendations for food establishments on my list.)

After lunch, visit the Grandin Building (213 E Main Street), and take the tour there.  You might also want to put your head in the bookstore next door and pickup a bunch of postcards.

From there, head south on Rt 21 to the Hill Cumorah.  Tour the visitors center, and then hike to the top (recommended) or drive.  Once on the top, spend some time pondering what took place at that very place.  Bring a copy of the Book of Mormon with you and read Mormon chapters 7-8, and Moroni 9 and 10. 

By the time you’re done on the hill, you’ll probably be ready to have dinner and spend an evening relaxing.   If not, check back tomorrow as I continue my list.

The Hill Cumorah, Palmyra, New York

Our heat wave broke today.  We had quite the thunder shower around 1:30pm today.  One clap was so loud I about jumped from my chair.  The bang was so crisp and loud I could tell it was very close.  We needed the rain.  The lawn was starting to look brown.

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day 2012

I thought this photo fitting for today as we remember those who have died in the service of our great nation.  Many of our politicians have forgot why this country was founded, and why so many men and women have fought hard to preserve our freedoms.  We broke away from the tyranny of King George of England.  We’ve defended this land against the England, Spain, France, Japan, and others who would robbed us of our freedoms.  Today, we remember those who spilt their blood that we might remain free.


After some work in the garden, Elizabethe and I headed to Sam’s Club to stock up on a few items.   It was down right hot outside.  The car thermometer read 102 as we left Palmyra heading to Rochester.  That’s too hot for May.  In fact, that’s too hot for Western New York.

Into the Cultural Hall

Happy Birthday to my daughter Sariah!

Today at Sacrament meeting the congregation reached into the cultural hall.  It isn’t even Pageant time and we have overflow conditions at church.  I tell you, this year is going to be a big tourist season for Palmyra, New York.

My dog-gone allergies have made me so fuzzy minded today I couldn’t remember three people’s names.  These are three of my friends and close colleagues at church.  I called Ralph “Bill”, and someone asked me who the High Priest Group Leader was and I couldn’t think clearly enough to remember “Bob”.  This has to be the worst hay fever season in decades for me.

After church Elizabethe and I took some brownies to a couple of my home teaching families.  We had a nice visit with the Amsdens.

More Planting in Garden

Even our weeds are pretty

Sisters Garcia and Hess came over today to help us in the garden.  We got quite a bit done, and with this extra warm spring, I think we’re going to have a good crop this year.


Again, I had a sneezing fit that exhausted me.  And, later in the day, it left my brain fuzzy.  Definitely not a good evening for doing anything mentally intensive.

We went to Mark and Lana’s reception at the Palmyra Inn.  There was a good size group there.  It is nice to see them finally married.

From there we headed towards Newark for dinner.  Originally I was thinking the Chinese buffet there, but after the reception and having sweet stuff, I wasn’t in the mood for Chinese food.  We passed a few places, but they hardly had any cars in the parking lot.  Normally, that is an indication that they are not very good.  So, we dropped in to The Corner (Union and Main Streets in Newark.)

New, just because there are lots of cars, doesn’t mean it is good.  I say that, because there were probably more cars at The Corner, than any of the other restaurants in Newark.  Elizabethe ordered a Portobello and gorgonzola wrap sandwich.  I ordered the Angus Beef Sirloin steak.  Here’s my review:

Atmosphere:  2
Taste: 1
Value for the Price: 1
Service: 5
Over all:  2.5

The service was great.  Our waitress was fantastic.  No complaints.  She had a million dollar smile and was on top of everything.

Food wise, I was very disappointed.  First, I ordered my steak medium rare, and what I received was medium in the center, and medium well on the edges.  The cook attempted to deglaze the steak, but the result was a steak boiled in liquid which makes lean cuts of meat quite tough.  And, the deglazing was not at a flash point, so the sauce had a very bitter/alcohol taste, and the steak, which could have been savory, was bland and tasted like boiled beef.

Elizabethe didn’t care much for her sandwich either.

Their prices were a little high given the lack of quality food preparation.  Needless to say, we won’t be going back.  (This makes two bad steaks lately.  That’s kind of sad.  It seems like quality beef in both stores and restaurants is disappearing.)


I figured it out today.  The last couple of days I have felt achy like I’ve been catching the flu.  I figured it out today.  It is hay fever.  Allergies.

Yup, my bodies immune system is in over-drive and I’m sneezing and have itchy eyes.  Allergies are no laughing matter.  It is very odd that this is the first spring since moving to NY that they have affected me like this.  The problem with allergies is they turn your body’s immune system in to a time bomb.  One minute you are fine, the next minute you’ve gone in to anaphylactic shock.  (It’s happened to me once.)

There are some over-the-counter drugs that work for me, but they also knock me out.  It is a lose-lose situation.  I can be knocked out by drugs, or I can let my immune system run its course which will leave me exhausted and achy.  Or, I can go to an air-conditioned room with a HEPA filter and seek relief, but it only lasts until I leave that room, or someone opens a door.

The good news is, once the plants I’m allergic to stop pollinating, it is over for a season.

Still Spring, but Feels Like Summer

First, Happy Birthday to my daughter Amber.

I know it is still spring, but it feels like summer — late summer.  It’s hot and muggy.

Needing stamps, I walked to the Post Office and back today.  They were working on NY SR 31 (Main Street), and all of that equipment and the hot asphalt made it feel even hotter.  They are working quickly and they should be done in the next couple of days.

We Really Screw Things Up

I am sure that once I get this all ironed out with T-Mobile, switch to T-Mobile, and cancel my AT&T account that I am going to get a phone call from the AT&T “churn” department asking for me to come back and offering me some great deal that is too good to pass up.

Have you ever thought about how we really screw things up?

Take for instance credit agencies.  They are there so that banks and lenders can check to see if you have a good history of paying your debts.  That sounds all and good until something happens and you need to protect yourself.  For example, a credit card gets stolen, so they place a freeze on your credit account so the thief doesn’t steal your identity too.

That’s all good until you go to buy a cell phone.

Why they need to run your credit to buy a cell phone is beyond me.  In fact, it is harder to purchase a cell phone than it is a new car, and almost as difficult as buying a house.  I’m surprised they don’t ask for a DNA sample.

I’m sitting there while the guy can’t figure out why my credit authorization won’t come up on his screen.  I explain I have a freeze on my credit history.  He calls his finance people (again, I’m not sure why they have to go through this since I’m paying buying it, and not financing it), and they say there is a freeze on my account, and they need to call me.

“The customer is right here.  Do you want me to put him on the phone?”, he asks.  “They say they have to call you directly,” he tells me.

My phone doesn’t ring.  I ask, “What number are they calling.”

“What number are you calling?    Oh, you can’t give that information out?”, turning to look at me he says, “They can’t give it out.”

Two hours later, they tell him that I will have to wait 48-72 hours for the credit information to come back.

Holy smokes.  I think I’ll buy a gun instead.  The ATF doesn’t require this much information.

This all started when my AT&T bill went from $100 up to $160 a month for two phones.  I called AT&T and said, “I want my current plan, but I only want to pay $80 a month.  T-Mobile is willing to give me this deal; I would like AT&T to match it.”

In a heavy Croatian accent, the lady says, “I’m sorry, we cannot match T-Mobile’s prices.”

I am sure that once I get this all ironed out with T-Mobile, switch to T-Mobile, and cancel my AT&T account that I am going to get a phone call from the AT&T “churn” department asking for me to come back and offering me some great deal that is too good to pass up.

The same thing happened with Time Warner.  We had phone service through Time Warner.  Elizabethe called and said, “We only want to pay $X a month because that is the other offer we have.  The representative said we were getting the best deal they have to offer.  So, we disconnected from Time Warner and went with Power Phone.  About a week later someone from Time Warner calls and presents and offer to get us back.

Too late buster.

This is all because we create rules and regulations and procedures that are so stiff, people who work the front lines do not have the power or authority to do what it takes to keep the customer.  Hence, the customer leaves, and we wonder, “Why did they leave us?”

Because of my credit freeze, I still have to wait for the information from Trans Union to filter in to the T-Mobile system.  However, I really doubt someone from AT&T is going to call me and say, “You know what?  Whatever T-Mobile is offering, we’ll beat their offer.”

That would be nice, but I don’t think anyone at AT&T has been given the authority to keep the customer.

Office Work Day

Today was a day of nothing but office work.  Well, it was that way until about 4pm when I then had to get ready to head to the temple.  The problem with doing a bunch of paper/computer work is that sometimes you feel like you haven’t got anything done.

I did manage to work on Amber’s wedding announcements.

My Suggestion

I suggested this for the outside (it folds in half – the right half would become the front).  I like it.. .else I wouldn’t have suggested it.