Rainy Days on Monday

The Carpenters recorded a song, Rainy Days on Monday, and as the lyrics stated, “always get me down.”

Today was one of those days when I can’t put my finger on the cause.  Of course, I know the cause… it’s called chemistry, and there is something in sunlight that helps combat those chemical imbalances that are more prevalent when the sun is behind the clouds.

Okay… I’m not going to post this on Facebook.  But, that’s my blog entry for today.

Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese out of the box has never been one of my favorites.  In leaner days, it was a fast (before microwaves) and cheap meal.  But, the cheese flavor was just lacking.

The best macaroni and cheese I have ever had was the other day at Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester. Wow, was that good.

Today, I decided to make some from scratch.  Note to self:  Next time, more sauce and cracked pepper.

Mine turned out okay, but it wasn’t like what I had at Dinosaur BBQ.  I’ll have to keep trying until I get that right texture and taste.

What else did I feed the missionaries today?

Well, I took all the leftover spinach, mixed it together, added a bit of frozen peas that were in a bag in the freezer, added 1/2 a chopped onion, and about 1/3 cup of sour cream.  I mixed that all together and baked it in the oven at 390F for about 40 minutes.  Elizabethe really liked it and suggested next time I add the whole onion.

The main entre was some BBQ meatballs.  That was easy.  Just add some precooked meatballs, some BBQ sauce, some chopped onion and bell peppers, and then simmer until the sauce is thick and coats the meatballs.

Amber has been texting me all evening.  She’s excited about their trip here.  They will be here next Saturday.

Spring Cleaning 2012

Today was the proverbial spring cleaning day.  Elizabethe and I began tackling the basement.  It was amazing what I found.

Some of the boxes had not been opened since I moved from California.  In fact, I found the rest of my Gary Fong Light Sphere.  I found the pop-up dressing room, which wasn’t in a box, but behind a stack of boxes.  And, I found a few other odds and ends that had been missing since the move.

Elizabethe got the boiler room cleaned up and organized.  That’s really good because so much stuff had got dropped in the doorway that it was nearly impossible to enter the room.

We didn’t get it entirely done, but we’re much closer than we were yesterday.  We’ll just have to tackle it on another day, but before PPA’s Super Monday.


After getting a haircut, I picked up Paul and we went to Artisan Works and spent the afternoon taking pictures there.  Paul had never been there so I’m sure it was quite the visual treat for him.  Here are a few shots that I took.  (I guess the one of the pool balls is a double-shot.)

I got home about the same time Elizabethe got home.  I grabbed a quick sandwich and then it was off to the temple for the evening.

Cold Again

It’s cold again today.  I cranked up the heat in the office as it was overcast and chilly most of the day.

Elizabethe has been working in Newark at the hospital there.  That leaves me to fend for myself all day.

I managed to get my office pretty clean, and straightened up the studio.  That is about as good as it gets for a cold day.

Spring Returned Today

Spring returned today.  It has been absent for a few days in these parts.  Monday, it snowed.  Tuesday, was cold and wet and windy.  Today, spring is back and we saw the sun.

I called my friend Paul and suggested we head in to Rochester to find the graffiti walls.  He was game, so we headed in to town.


There’s a lot of color in a city.  You just need to go looking for it among all the gray colors.

Newspapers Still Exist. They live in colorful houses.


Under the Bridge

It was a fun day.  I’ve got a lot more images to work though.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Remember that song from 1971?

I had to make some signs for the apartments in the village.  I guess some people think that stairway is a short cut through the building.

The cool thing is my lap does license plates.  These are metal, so I can design my sign in Photoshop and print it on a license plate.  I figure that would be a good size for the NO TRESPASSING signs.

We had a nice evening in the temple.  It wasn’t real busy, but we had enough workers to keep things going all evening.

What The HECK?

Elizabethe got up and peaked out the window this morning and exclaimed, “Oh, no!  It snowed.”

I could hardly believe it too.  There was snow all over the ground and it was sticking.  It’s not supposed to snow like this in late April.

Paul and I had planned to go to Rochester to do some street photography.  But, it was wet and very cold out side.  So, after getting up and taking care of a few things, I decided to invite Paul over to do some pictures in the studio.

On the way to the studio we drove by this…

April 23rd Snowman

Someone got up very early to make this snowman.  And, they put a lot of detail in to it.

We came back to the studio and we didn’t take a lot of pictures.  We spent a good portion of the time talking about flash and exposure, and why flash creates a sharper image that ambient light and so forth.

It was a fun way to spend my “day off”.  (I’ve decided Sunday and Monday will be my day off from working in the studio.)


Natalie turns 24 today.  It’s hard to imagine.

A Surprise After Church

While playing the postlude music, someone started massaging my shoulders, and this voice said, “Are you a little tense Brother Walton?”

I was thinking, “Who is doing that?”

As I turned my head, I recognized the face, but it took me a few seconds to put together who it was.  It was Vern Piquet, my missionary companion from Arvada, Colorado.  He and his wife came to our ward as they were traveling through to go to Pennsylvania to pick up a new semi-truck his company purchased.

After church they came by the house and we gave them a tour.  We didn’t have a lot of time to visit, but it was sure nice seeing him.   The last time I saw him was right after we bought the house here in New York.  His son married a young lady from Fair Oaks, and when I heard, I went to their wedding reception.

The full-time sister missionaries came for dinner tonight.  I decided to prepare a pan seared chicken on a bed of mushrooms in a cream cheese sauce, potatoes, spinach and a pasta salad.  For dessert, it was brownies.

Saturday is a Work Day

As a photographer, Saturday is a work day.  For many clients, it is the only day they can come to the studio without taking time off from school or work.

I spent most of the day working on the new web site design for the studio.  This time, it is java script driven and highly reliant on css files.  This will mean it will be more compatable with the nit-picky Apple iOS.