Candy and Treats

Kids always associate trick-or-treat with candy and treats.  Why not?  They dress up, knock on a door, say the words, and people give them candy.  They go to school and they get candy, cupcakes and cookies.

We were not sure what to expect this year.  We were fully prepared for a crowd.  We turned on all the lights so the house would look inviting, but still only got about 10-12 kids.

I guess I’ll have to eat all of that candy.

Enrico and Louise and the elders from the Lyons Ward came to get the bed from the apartment the in the village.   There’s still one more piece of furniture left to move out.  (Anyone want/need a loveseat in good condition?)

After dinner Elizabethe and I put up 6 pints of chicken breast, and 8 pints of pork loin.  We still have about 8 pints of pork loin to can.  We’ll do those tomorrow night.  (It will probably be BBQ pork.)

Rob and Emily Forever

Well, if it wasn’t enough for Enrico and Louise to be sealed last night, today, my old missionary companion’s (Paul O’Donnell) daughter Emily was sealed to Rob Schaefer.  I met Rob in the temple a while back.  He was an impressive young man.  Then, I learned I had met him earlier at a play we attended with Paul’s family.  Well, he married Paul’s daughter Emily today.  Elizabethe and I had the pleasure of attending their reception.

Enrico and Louise also had a little open house today.  Amanda Wilkinson (Sister Wilkinson) came to the open house too.  She’s living in Utah Valley, going to school and working at the MTC.  Sister Holm was there yesterday, but had a 1pm flight so she couldn’t come to the open house.

Enrico, Louise and Amanda

Louise had a really nice cake made for their open house…


Dick Green came too, as well as the Wildey’s.  (We took off before others arrived.)

Amanda, Elizabethe, Louise, Enrico, Dick, and me

It was a great day.  Busy, but it was rewarding.

Enrico and Louise Together Forever

I’ve waited about 25 years for this day.  I recall a day around 1991.  I had known Enrico for a few years, and we were now carpooling to work.  We were on our way home from work and talking about the Book of Mormon.  We were at the top of Kirker Pass and Enrico had just told me he knows the Book of Mormon was true, and I had just asked him why he wasn’t getting baptized then.

As we crested the pass, told Enrico something to the effect, “Well, then, when you decide to get baptized, wherever you are in the world, please call me and tell me so I can be there.”

Tonight I reflected upon that conversation over and over while Elizabethe and  I sat in the temple with Enrico and Louise.  It’s been a little over a year since both of them were baptized, and tonight they received God’s crowning blessings in the temple.

The room was packed.  They brought in extra chairs because there were so many people here.   They had friends from Lyons Ward as well as Palmyra Ward there.  Two sisters who served their missions here and taught them, traveled from Utah to be here.  It was a real treat and a blessing.

Little Brother Turns 50

Well, I’m getting old.  My little brother turned 50 today.  Time just goes to quickly.

Upon getting home from work, I went out and started picking all the crops from the garden in fear that one of this mornings, frost is going to hit.  I picked a half-dozen squashes, several bell peppers, and lots of tomatoes.  I got them all inside to be washed and dried off.

We invited Mark, Lana and Anastasia to join us for dinner.  I made stuffed French toast and sausage.  (Stuffed the toast with almond paste.  I had never done it before and it is really good!)

I decided we can’t keep those tomatoes for very long, and we have a full weekend.  So, into the Vitamix they went along with some coriander, cummin, garlic, ginger and vinegar for some green tomato chutney.  From there, I put the mix in the crock pot to cook down overnight.  I can’t really tell how it will turn out as it doesn’t have the blended flavor yet that cooking will bring out.



We got up this morning, dressed and went to head to work and it was still dark.  I don’t remember it being this way before today.  Eventhough it was dark, we have not had any snow, and only a very light frost.  (As a result, this has been a bad year for fall colors.  The rain has knocked of a lot of leaves, and many of the trees with leaves are still green.)

I picked Elizabethe up from work and we headed to Victor, NY, to have dinner at Chili’s.  We had some value left on a gift card to use up.  I actually found something on their menu that I really like.  It was their triple fajita (steak, chicken and shrimp).  And, Elizabethe found something she liked.  It was their quesadilla salad.

We spent our dinner going over some marketing plans for my studio.  Too much to do… too little time.

Making A Connection

There are a lot of people in the world who do not make the connection between their actions and their lives.    Religions in India call it “karma”.  Jews call it b’rakha (blessing).  Christians call it a blessing.  The concept exists in most religions.  It works like this:  Do what God has asked you to do and you get blessed.

I really believe there is a connection to this on a society as well as an individual level.

Our society has got so degenerate that blessings to us as a population are not going to come until we as a society reject evil and keep the commandments.  Likewise, if you want blessings as an individual, you will get them if you keep the commandments.

Do I think that all the bad things in the world are “punishment” for sins?

No, I do not.

Do  I think that the worlds economic situation is a result of “sin”?

Yes, I do.  I think there are specific people in position of power and authority who have created situations where the economy was bound to fail.  I also think this would not have happened if we, as a society, were doing what God wants us to do.  History is so clear on this.  Start with the children of Adam and what happened when they got wicked.  A flood came and wiped out all but 8 people.  At the time of Babel, the language was changed.  Moses had to free Israel from bondage (slavery) and even then, they had to wonder 40 years in the wilderness before they got the message.  Non-biblical references:  The fall of Rome, the fall of ancient Babylon, Hitler’s fall, etc.

So, yes, history shows there is a connection between evil and bad things happening.

Super Monday

I survived my first Super Monday.  It was fun.  I had 3 students and my class was about making 3-D props and sets.

After class was over, I took to cleaning up and fixing dinner.  During this time, the rain seemed to move in and the temperatures dropped.  I had to check the weather report.  Yeah, they are predicting snow on Thursday.  But, that’s still a few days away.

Next spring I think I will do the Beyond Trash-the-Dress for my Super Monday class.  (If local models want to volunteer for this class, it will be really fun.  I’ll even provide the dress to be trashed.)

Taco Salad

Missionaries for dinner night.  Oh, I don’t mean we eat missionaries, we’re having them over for dinner.

I decided to make taco salad and use canned meatloaf for the meat.  Once that stuff is heated up, it is really good.  I can see more canned meatloaf in the future.

Tomorrow is Super Monday.  I sure hope I’m prepared.

Canned Sausage and Other Unusual Things

I spent the morning cleaning the tavern and the workshop areas for Super Monday.  (I’m teaching a class down there on Monday.  Oh, and the strongest stuff we serve in the tavern is root beer.)

I got to the point where I couldn’t do much more down there so I decided to go grocery shopping.  Going to Walmart on a Saturday is never a pleasant experience.  What was I thinking?

So, I get home and decide I would chop up some of our green tomatoes.  I figure we’re going to get a frost soon, so I better take care of them now.

Three hours later and I was still chopping when Elizabethe returned home from her women’s retreat in Rochester.  She joined in and we completed 10 pints of salsa.

It was then I got this great idea to can some sausage links and patties.  I figure, you can eat Spam, why not canned breakfast sausage.  Besides, if I had to live off food storage, I think I’d want some sausage for breakfast with those whole wheat pancakes.

We also canned some squash – two varieties, and some chicken thighs.  (They were on sale at Walmart.)

Since we were in the canning mood, I opened a can of our canned meatloaf (okay, by now you’re laughing, I know) for dinner.  It looked okay, but had the aroma of Alpo (or some other canned dog food product).  Scooping it out, I put it in the frying pan to warm.

Well, I’ll be dog-dipped.  It tasted pretty dog-gone good.  I’ve never had canned dog food, so I cannot compare it to Alpo (but I know someone who could), but it was really good.  It tasted just like meat loaf should.

I know I’m going to pay for this tomorrow.  I am really beat.

Twelve Hours at Work

I was stuck for 12 hours at work today.  It went by quickly, but I really don’t like getting in situations at work where you have to complete something before you can go… especially on a Friday.

Elizabethe was picked up from work by a couple of her friends and they went to Deseret Book’s Time Out for Women.  She texted me after she got there saying John Bytheway and Dalyn Bayles were both there.  (This was a church oriented conference for women.)

I managed to take a break from work, drive home, and get back on the phone.  At least that way, I could sit comfortably while trying to resolve the problem we had.


Monday is Professional Photographers of America’s Super Monday.  I’m teaching one of the Super Monday classes at the mansion.  It will be a fun and informative class on prop and set construction.   If you haven’t seen what I build, here’s a picture of one of my sets used in a photo session…

3D Wall

If you’re not in to building stuff like that, I will build walls like this, as well as wall coverings.  (Just tell me what you want, and I’ll provide you with a quote.)  They can be perminant, semi-perminant or transportable.