Visitors Still Coming

When I first started the prelude this morning, it looked like we might have less visitors than we have had.  However, about the time Sacrament Meeting started we had the overflow open and people pouring in.

We had a lazy Sunday afternoon.  No guests except for our missionaries.  We just recuperated from the previous week.

The Heat is Back

I started my day with a church meeting.

When I got back to the house I started getting the studio cleaned up for an afternoon photo session.   I had to put some boxes in the attic and when I went up there it was like an oven.   By the time the appointment time rolled around it was HOT.  I mean, really HOT.  The poor air conditioning was going on high and it was 84 in my office.

Add heat and work and you get exhaustion.  By the time the shoot was over I was ready to call it a day.

Re-Stock Time

It was time to re-stock the food storage today.  I went down and took inventory of what we’ve used from our food storage and made a list to take with us.

After work we hit the Asian food place.  I stocked up on soy sauce, and other Chinese condiments and food items.  I mean, if you’re going to store rice in your food storage, you should have the fixings for the rest of the meal.

From there we hit Sam’s Club.  We don’t have a Costco near us so Sam’s Club is what we settled for.  They do have BJ’s out here, but their membership prices were a little high and so we went with the Walmart  version of a warehouse store – Sam’s Club.

We are now re-stocked.

Wegman’s Sandwich Shop

We had to rush from work to the chapel as it was our turn to help clean it.  The big question of the day was, “Where should we grab a quick bite for dinner?”

Elizabethe hates burgers (I’m quite the oposite).  We thought about Subway, but then I remember there’s Wegman’s on the way home.  So, we stopped at Wegman’s and  ordered a sandwich at their sandwich counter.

I think there are two factors I like about Wegman’s sandwiches over Subway.  First, Wegman’s bread is MUCH better.  It is more dense and taste better.  Second, Wegman’s meats are really meat – not some chopped, compressed roll that they call turkey or chicken or whatever it is Subway serves.  They really make a good quality sandwich.

We then zipped over the the church.  There were some other families going down the list.  When I heard “windows”, I said, “We’ll take the windows.”  So, for the next hour Elizabethe and I cleaned all the windows on the doors.

Homemade Lens with Fern Aperture

The rest of the evening was pretty laid back.  Elizabethe made paper flowers while I checked my e-mail, and that was followed by an episode of Royal Pains.

Another Shot with Homemade Lens and Fern Aperture

Now That’s a Cucumber!

You can blam my wife that I am not posting a photo of the cucumber I picked this morning.  I went out and found this one hiding under a leaf and buried in the grass.  It was quite large.  I picked it and set it on the kitchen counter.  I was going to ask Elizabethe it just can it by itself as a pickle in a 2 quart jar.  But, as we were driving to work Elizabethe says, “I peeled that big cucumber and I’m bringing it to work for my breakfast.”

I should have photographed it when I picked it.

Elder and Sister Lewis who served here a few years ago were in town.  They stopped by the house to visit.


About 11:15 this morning I heard thunder.  My initial thought was, “That sound like the thunder you hear before a hail storm.”

Sure enough, it came down, and it came down hard.  Before heading out side to check out the damage, I waited for it to stop.  I may not have the sense to get out of the rain, but I know better to go outside when hail stones like this are falling.

Hail Stone

Fortunately it didn’t harm any of the garden plants.  It looks like the row of trees north of the garden blocked the stones from hitting the plants.

It’s Tuesday so it is temple night for Elizabethe and me.  They kept me busy tonight.  I tend to like it more when we are busy.

Cooler and Much Better

Things cooled down quite a bit today.  It was actually nice.

After work we enjoyed some grilled salmon and zucchini.  After dinner Elizabethe and I went to our favorite Palmyra Ice Creamery – Chill-n-Grill.  We had to wait a little while to place our order, but as we picked up our order, we noticed the line was way out to the sidewalk.  We sure hit it at the right time.

Homemade Lens and LensCandy(tm) Texture


Homemade Lens


If you are interested in purchasing one of my homemade lenses, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you with ordering information.  Pre-assembled, ready to use, they are $59.99 + s&h and any applicable taxes.  Textures can be purchased at

Rain, Cool, Now Heat

It actually rained this morning.  I got up and the deck was wet.  It is actually somewhat cooler out side.

I’m still being affected by the heat from the last few days.  I’ve been kind of clumbsy and lethargic.  I really noticed it when playing the organ today.  Normally when I make a mistake it is because my brain hasn’t processed the information fast enough for my fingers to react.  Today… my brain just wasn’t processing.  (Which reminds me… I’m going to step away and get some orange juice.  I’ll be right back.)

How did we do it as kids?

I mean, we’d play outside, get sweaty as all get-out, and not think anything of it.  Now, a heat wave hits, I get sweaty, and if I don’t get some potasium in me (hence, the o.j. I’m drinking right now) I feel like I’m going to short-circuit.  Growing old has its advantages, but coping with heat is not one of them.

So, when I got out of church, it felt nice and cool.  Now, several hours later, it is hot again, and because of the rain, somewhat muggy.


Pioneer Day Celebration in the Heat

The heat wave continues.  I have felt pretty lethargic as a result.

We had our stake Pioneer Day Picnic today.  It was just miserable.  Many of the kids didn’t mind, and some of them found relief in the sprinklers.  Others found relief spritzing themselves with water from squirt bottles.

Pioneer A/C

Elizabethe was in charge of the handcart activity.  And, in spite of the heat, she pulled it off.  Someone brought some very nicely made hand carts, and the kids pulled them around to various stations Elizabethe had prepared.  Each station had something for them to do or something for them to take with them.

For Some Must Push and Some Must Pull...

I found myself wondering, “Why did we come to this in this heat?”

But, in spite of my murmurings, I’m sure there were people who were glad we did it.

After returning home, we had to turn around and pick up our new house guests at the airport.  We drove to ROC and picked up a couple who are here for a few days to attend the temple.

When we got back from the airport, and Elizabethe got them settled, she went with June to see the new Harry Potter movie.  I have no interest in seeing it.  (Yeah, if you really want to know… you can find my blog from Part I.)  So, after checking my e-mail, I went to bed.  It was hot and I felt sick from the heat.

And Yet, Another Hot Day

Again, it is another hot day.  After work I stopped at BestBuy to get a new printer.  I picked up a Kodak ESP 9250.

When I got home, it was so hot, I didn’t even bother installing my new printer.  It’s just sweltering.