And It’s Back to Work

It’s not like it was all fun and games over the Memorial Day Weekend.  I worked my butt off around the house getting things ready for a new season of guests.  But, that’s all over and it is back to the regular work grind.

It was a day full of troubleshooting calls.  It was nice when 5pm rolled around and I was able to turn off the phone and go to the temple.

I ran in to Paul O’Donnell at the temple.  He was there with two of his sons-in-law. As always, I delight in see Paul.

Other than that… it was a pretty quiet day.

Memorial Day 2011

I remember as a kid going with Grandma and Grandpa Knowles to the Pocatello Cemetery to put flowers on the graves on Memorial Day.  They always had a concert in the amphitheatre at Ross’ Park.  I sure loved that park.  It had rides, a zoo, a play ground, a replica of Fort Hall, cliffs… it was a little boy’s dream of a park.

I started my day going over to #6 to put some more silicon caulking on the toilet tank crack.  There was nobody on Main Street.  You could tell it was a holiday.

I came back home and worked on the wall upstairs.  I worked on my foam wall piece.  I cleaned up upstairs.  I went to Lowe’s.  I packaged charcoals for our 2 year supply (5 buckets worth).  I washed my car.  I clayed my car.  I waxed my car.  I vacuumed my car.  I about killed myself working today.  Oh, and I hit the weeds with Round-Up.

The Brent-Mobile Waxed and Ready to Roll

Elizabethe had David and Angela and their kids over helping in the garden while I was doing all that stuff.  Between both groups, we got a lot done today.

The Garden (more than doubled since last year)
John, Cici, Hanna and David - The Garden

Public Affairs

I was asked to attend a public affairs meeting today.  I found it quite interesting and informative.  They talked about and the “I’m a Mormon” commercials.  (I love those commercials.  My favorite is the Harley Davidson sculpture artist.)  I also learned that there aren’t as many male bloggers in the church, but there’s a lot of “blogger moms”.  (I knew that… I guess.)

The church is encouraging people to do their own, “I’m a Mormon”, videos.  I think I might do one… but post-retirement.  I’ve got enough on my plate right now.

We had LOTS of visitors at church.  It was like stake conference.  They filled half the cultural hall.  If I were go guess how many… I think I would say…hmmm…. 900 people?  That’s just a guess.

The choir sang the National Anthem.  Bruce Nickel sang the 1st verse as a solo, and the congregation joined for the 3rd verse.

Patriotism is alive and well in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  But then, it should be.  I think we are the only church that actively teaches that this nation was founded on principles of revelation – that the framers of the U.S. Constitution were God-inspired men.

Carpentry Work in the Mansion

With summer guests starting to arrive, I spent most of the day working on the hallway wall on the 2nd floor.  I had to put up crown molding, baseboards, and that sort of stuff.  It was pretty exhausting.  Elizabethe worked on cleaning the rooms and making the beds.

We knocked off around 2:30pm, and I laid down and before I knew it, it was 4:30pm already.  I was out like a light.  Hammering, and sawing is really hard work and can make you quite tired.

After my little nap, I decided to go out and take a few pictures.  I texted a model who wanted to show me an old house in Rochester.  I stopped there and took a couple of pictures of it.  It amazes me how many really cool old houses there are in this area.  Some are well-preserved, others have fallen in to disrepair.  This one was in the middle.

It was right around the corner from the graffiti wall, so I went there and to my astonishment, they have it all fenced off.  They even have barbwire and razor wire on top of the fences.  (What’s up with that?)

Model: Tiffany

There was this cool building (actually the front side of the graffiti wall) that had some character.  So, the trip wasn’t totally wasted.  I love the colors of the old green paint in contrast to the bricks.

Sariah Turns 30

Two of my daughters are now in their 30s.  I must be getting old.  Time just seems to fly by these days.

After work Elizabethe and I headed to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.  Elizabethe always gets the same thing.  I went for a steak.

I decided to go to Gander Mountain to look at some new boots.  Mine have a crack in the sole that leaks when I step in water.  So, I thought they’d have a good selection.  Nope.  I was wrong.  And, their prices are pretty high too.  I miss Cabela’s.  Perhaps I’ll have to order them from Cabela’s and have them shipped to me.

From there we headed home.  We were both pretty tired from work.

Insulation Work Complete

They finished the insulation work today.  They foamed above the kitchen and our bedroom.  They added blow-in insulation to the main attic, and they sealed some areas.

After work was over, I decided to take a PPA on-line workshop on search engine optimization (SEO).  It amazes me how Google has grabbed so much of the market  (I personally prefer Yahoo! as they have more human intervention.)  Anyway, the class was informative and I am now determined to rebuild my web site.  It’s about time.  It has been a few years.

Near Perfect Weather

My morning ride was a bit chilly.  The chill, along with no wind, kept me going all the way out to Armington Road.  I kept my rpm at a steady pace and I just went hard the whole way.  It felt really good.

After getting cleaned up, I walked down to Roots Salon and Jill, the owner, cut my hair.  (I love living where I can walk to get a hair cut.  I can walk to the doctors.  I can walk to the grocery store and post office.  I can just walk everywhere.)  We talked about canning and eating right and bicycling.  She asked if I miss California, to which I replied, “No way!”

The guys came today to do some insulation work on the house.  I got them started and then I went off to work.

Another busy day at work, but I managed to take an hour for lunch so I could take some portraits of our missionaries.

They are a great asset to our ward and the community.  Yes, we have 9 full-time young missionaries, not to mention the site missionaries and the temple missionaries.  (Most of the temple missionaries are assigned to other wards, as are some of the site missionaries.)

After work, I took a short walk through the village.  It was after 5pm so almost every shop had closed up.  Now, I do not understand that.  Given the nature of the businesses, it makes more sense for them to be open after working hours, than it does for them to keep banker’s hours.  I mean, who takes time off from work to go shopping because the shops close at 5pm?  I’m sure some people do, but most of us will not.  We will go to places that are open after work.

It was a busy day.

Happy Birthday Amber

Happy birthday to my daughter Amber.  It is hard to believe she is 26 years old today.

I took my morning ride out past the Smith Farm and added another mile to my ride.  We don’t have a lot of hills around here, but right now, those gradual rises wear me out.

Work kept my hopping all day.  It was a busy day and I was exhausted when it came time to leave for the temple.

Lovely Morning for a Ride

I rode about a mile further this morning than I have been riding.  It was just right outside.  It was not to hot, not too cold, not to humid, it was just right.

May 23rd, 2011, Sunrise from Stafford Road

Well, the FedEx saga continues…

I got a message saying they were holding TWO packages in Victor.  So, when I get done in Rochester I’m going home via Victor to pickup these two packages.  I swear… I’m really confused now.

Stake Conference Broadcast

We had a broadcast from Salt Lake for Stake Conference.  I found it interesting in that most of the general authorities who talked have lived in this region at one time or another.  From their description, it sounded like the conference was being broadcast to the entire northeast United States.

It is lovely weather here today.  As we got out of the car to go back to the house, we noticed the smell of lilacs in the air.  And, yes, we do get a lot of rain, but it is sure worth it.

On of Our Many Flowers in Bloom