Very Wet

It is wet.  Today the ground got really soaked.  You would think we would get snow this late in the fall, but it was in the high 40s and rainy all day.

We got a shipment from Sam’s Club with some long-term food storage items.  They have some great prices for #10 cans of things like TVP, wheat, rice, flour, etc.  They also have some nice-t0-have items like freeze-dried strawberries (one of my favorites.)

Tonight was my temple shift.  They assigned me to the baptistry for the 1st half of the night.  As I was the youngest worker, I volunteered to get in the font and perform the baptisms.    In spite of the wet, cold rain, people still came to the temple.

Temple Nativity Display

After the temple, I looked through our copy of Mother Earth Magazine.  They had a story on bread making.

Mother Earth News – Bread Making

Good timing for this story given the price of bread has skyrocketed in the last few weeks.  They say it will go up more after the 1st of the year.

Cyber Monday…Don’t Make Me Laugh

Those are the people who come up with names like Cyber Monday. I guess it is because they come up with names like “Cyber Monday” and it causes nausea for people who have to hear these names repeated.

I already told you what I think about “Black Friday”… but who in the world came up with Cyber Monday?  Sheesh.  I guess there is a reason they area called “Marketing Pukes”. (Those are the people who come up with names like Cyber Monday.  I guess it is because they come up with names like “Cyber Monday” and it causes nausea for people who have to hear these names repeated.)

I refused to participate.

Primary… One More Time

We had the sister missionaries come to dinner. I made some egg noodles with leftover turkey and an alfredo sauce for dinner. It is always nice to feed the missionaries. (And, you don’t need to be a Mormon to invite them to dinner. )

They didn’t call a new pianist for Primary, so I was more than eager to volunteer to play during Sunday School.  Yeah… a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it.  Tony Collie played for the Primary during the 2nd half while I attended the High Priest Group for the first time.

We had the sister missionaries come to dinner.  I made some egg noodles with leftover turkey and an alfredo sauce for dinner.  It is always nice to feed the missionaries.  (And, you don’t need to be a Mormon to invite them to dinner. )

Snow on the Ground

I woke this morning to snow on the ground.  Not a lot.  Just a dusting.  It was dry, windy and about 30F when I got up.

A Light Dusting

I will count today and yesterday in my snow log.  It  is important to note, both days were hardly measurable.

At 9am I had a leadership meeting for the high priest group.  It took us about 2.5 hours to get all the home teaching assignments made and review some of the assignments we have.

After my meeting, I took a walk, with camera in tow, in the Sacred Grove.  After my walk, ran in to a young man from Sacramento.  He knew Harvey Greer, and we talked for a while.  I then talked to Elder Wright for a while.  And, then as I was leaving, I ran in to Elder Hales and we talked for a while.

Early this morning

I came home and grabbed some lunch, and then made two fruit cakes.  The recipe was a little on the thin side.  We’ll see how it turns out.

A Seldom Seen View of the Sacred Grove

Black Friday, huh?

I hate the recent references to the day after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday”… but that’s just me.  There are other days in history called “Black Friday” that have some significance and not a bunch of  crazed people running to loss-leader sales.  I refuse to participate.

So, I went to my office in Rochester.  There were but maybe 2 cars on the road.  I guess all those shoppers were done by 5am or something.

I did make a purchase – on-line.  LOL  That’s my kind of shopping.  Pick out out.  Click the mouse.  It is delivered at the house a couple of days later.

After work we just had left overs and then Elizabethe and I watched some recorded TV programs.

Oh, I did straw the garden after work and got it all winterized.  And, I brought in a couple of loads of wood.

Thanksgiving Day 2010

I woke at 2:30am and couldn’t sleep thinking about the strategy for cooking the dinner.  I was figuring out what time the turkey should go in the oven, and what to put in the stuffing, etc., etc., etc.

I dozed a couple of times.  Then I started thinking of a good ending for the book I am writing.  I won’t tell you the ending, but it deals with a couple of kids on Thanksgiving morning… around 2:30am… talking through their bedroom wall about what they would put in stuffing.

I finally got out of bed around 7:30am and got things started.  I built a fire in the fire-place.  Fetched a load of wood.  Put some finishing touches on my cranberry-apple-orange sauce.  I chopped bread for the stuffing.  I cooked some red and black rice to add to the stuffing. I made a plate of crudites.  By the time I finally decided I should have some breakfast, it was 10:30am.

The turkey was rubbed with ground annatto seeds.  It gave the skin the appearance of already having been cooked.  The bright orange of the seed powder gave the turkey a nice artificial tan.

It was a 20 pound bird and it filled the new oven.  There was just enough room for a couple of casseroles to fit next to it.

The Turkey

Elizabethe made a stringbean casserole – the traditional beans, mushroom soup and topped with french-fried onions, and she peeled and chopped the potatoes, as well as helped with the crudites tray and a few other things.  She was a huge help.  (She always is.)

Dinner was good, but I question my sanity in preparing such a huge meal after I decided we were going to keep it simple.  I’ve decided all I am doing on Christmas day is fixing a breakfast.  Dinner is going to be light and easy.  REALLY.  Besides, after eating a hearty breakfast, who needs anything else later in the day?

Elizabethe, Enrico Massagli, and Louise Massagli

Day Before Thanksgiving

We stopped at Corbett’s Glen. I wanted Elizabethe to see it.

The day before Thanksgiving and there are LOTS of people on the roads.  The drive home from work had more traffic than I have ever seen, and we left the office a little early.

We stopped at Corbett’s Glen.  I wanted Elizabethe to see it.

Corbett's Glen

We headed home after a very short walk to see the falls.  Upon getting home, I started some cranberries in the crockpot.  I put apple and oranges in it as well as some spices and raw sugar.  I also got the turkey in a sink of water to thaw too.

Small Town Post Offices

I love living in Palmyra. 

I went to the post office during lunch.  Not only do I know the clerk, but he knows me.  I see him at church on Sundays.  Then, as I’m leaving the post office, I run into another brother from church.  We shake hands and exchange a few comments.

I just love this place.

There was a white haired lady leaving the post office in front of me.  As she reached for the door, I extended my arm and pushed the door open for her.  She turned and said, “It is nice to run into a gentleman these days.  Thank you.”

That made me feel good.

After work it was off to the temple.  It was a fairly busy night given it is Thanksgiving in a couple of days.

Cold, Rainy Monday

This morning started out looking like it was going to be clear skies.  About 2pm I decided to take lunch.  It was cold, overcast and windy.  By the time I bought a few things at Tops, it was cold, overcast and pouring.  And I had walked to the store.

Tonight is grocery shopping night.  I don’t have a lot to get.  Most of the stuff for Thanksgiving dinner I’ve already bought.  There’s just a few odds and ends I need to purchase.

It will be a quiet Thanksgiving with the four of us here at the mansion.  My plan is to cook.  Eat.  And then watch some movies or recorded shows.

Speaking of weather… while the Pacific Northwest is getting snow, we’re getting this rain.  I sure hope it turns to snow soon.  Snow is so much better than rain.

Sunday Stake Conference Session

The general session of stake conference was today.  They had quite a few speakers including the mission president and his wife, the stake patriarch and our stake president. 

After church I made broccoli beef for lunch.  I used a mixture of white, brown and red rice.  Red rice has a nice nutty flavor.  I like it.

The temperatures really dropped so Elizabethe and I are heading to bed early tonight.