Trailer Move

Enrico and Louise took their trailer in for some repairs.  It was a close call backing it out of the drive way as one of the antennas caught  an overhead wire.  The neighbor noticed it and hollered to me.  But, we got it out and off down the road they went.

Yeah, that was the big excitement for the day. 

I apologize for the late posting of this update.

The Frontier Seemed Safer

Suicide-by-cop probably saved the tax payers the expense of a lengthy trial, but we might not ever know Ward’s motivation to do what he did.

Today I read about a Latter-day Saint  bishop in central California who was shot and killed.  It appears a total stranger entered the church building, asked where he could find a church leader, and proceeded to the bishop’s office where he shot, several times, and killed the bishop.

I think the wild west – the frontier – was safer.  At least back then, it wasn’t all that uncommon for people to carry a gun for self-protection.  Today, we’re not only bombarded by evil people trying to peddle their evil ways claiming they are good, but we’re stuck in a situation where we dare not protect ourselves in fear of retaliation. 

If I may illustrate this point.

What if this bishop, upon seeing the man draw his gun, reached into his desk drawer, pulled a gun, and killed the would-be assassin?

Could you imagine the news headlines?

Mormon Bishop Kills Man

Of course, the bleeding-hearts would be all over the story.  They would make a martyr out of the would-be assassin.

Yesterday, a father of six boys, a husband, a bishop of a LDS ward.  Dead.  Shot in the house of the Lord by 47-year-old Kenneth James Ward of Modesto, California.  What a sad and tragic incident.

It is also tragic that Mr. Ward was shot and killed in shoot-out that followed Ward’s phone call to the police identifying himself as the shooter.  Suicide-by-cop probably saved the tax payers the expense of a lengthy trial, but we might not ever know Ward’s motivation to do what he did.

Equally sad are comments being left on news web sites.  Comments along the lines that this was deserved by Bishop Clay Sannar because of the church’s role in Proposition 8, or that the church is a cult, or we are not really Christians, etc.  Some have even posted such heinous comments regarding prominent LDS figures and that they are to blame for this tragedy.

So, please, if you see such comments, stand forth and stand up for what is good and right.  Call those who are so insensitive to repent and feel shame for what they are doing in light of this tragic event.  I will not dignify them by reposting what some of them have written, but it is purely shameful and sad.

 I guess the best we can do is remember Clay Sannar’s family and friends in our prayers.

Yes, the frontier seemed safer than the world we live in today.


Perhaps next time, I’ll make the muffins from hand-ground wheat.

Gardens may not be the most effective way to get fruits and vegetables, but they teach you something about self-reliance.  Our little garden (mostly maintained by my wife) generates a fair amount of beans, peas, squash and tomatoes, as well as some carrots and beets.  Could we live off it?  No.

We may not be able to live off our little garden, but if something catastrophic hit, we would be a step ahead of someone who doesn’t have a garden.  We have an idea of what grows well, and what doesn’t.  We have an idea of what yields a lot and what yields little.  All of this is important.

A few weeks ago, we had more zucchini than we could eat, so Elizabethe diced it, blanched it, and froze 1 quart baggies of it.  We are not talking about a LOT of zucchini, but more than two people could eat before it went bad.  And, we also have ample freezer space for two people.

So, today, before heading to church, I put a bag of zucchini in with some lima beans I started last night.  I added some herbs and seasonings to the crock pot, and chopped up some sausage.  Upon returning from church, I added a quart of tomatoes Elizabethe had canned last week.   Mmmm… the soup was great.

A co-worker of Elizabethe’s dropped off some summer berries.  I made some muffins with them to serve with the soup.   The combination was perfect.

Our lunch had home canned tomatoes, zucchini from our garden, summer berries from a friends garden, and very little store-bought produce.  It is a good feeling to know that with a little more effort and planning, I probably could have come up with an entire pot of soup that was a product of our garden.  No, we won’t be growing wheat to make muffins, but we do have a nice supply of wheat.

Perhaps next time, I’ll make the muffins from hand-ground wheat.

By the way, I recently found this blog…

I really enjoy it.  Not only does Sayward Rebhal have some great gardening and household tips, she also has some pretty cool photos to go along with her blog.

A Full Saturday

Today was a full Saturday.  I managed to get all accomplished that I needed before my first appointment.  I had a portrait session followed by a wedding.  (No nap, by the way.)


My portrait session was with a nice young lady from a nearby village.  I was worried that it would really put me in a bind given I had a wedding at 3:30pm.  All worked out, and I managed to get things copied after the portrait session, and then I was on my way to the wedding.

The bridge and groom were fun to work with.  They had lots of extended family present and it all came together quite nicely.

Brian and Amy

A nephew of the bride shadowed my with his little Nintendo hand-held game (which had a built-in camera) taking pictures from behind me.  I asked to see what he shot, and it was quite good.  (What I could have done with a digital camera at that age.  You don’t know how often I emptied my piggy bank to buy a roll of film.)

Surgery for Elizabethe

Elizabethe had to have surgery to remove parts of an infected tooth.  They went in above the gum line and removed part of a root.   She was a bit puffy after the surgery, but doing better than I expected.

She spent the evening sleeping and alternating an ice pack on her jaw.  Even though the doctor gave her a prescription for the pain, she didn’t have to use it.  (We’ll see how that goes tomorrow.)

As a result, we missed ward temple night.   But, there’s always next month.

Imagination Meets Digital

Now, if I can get the other 3 owners to catch my vision.

As I walk in the morning, I see lots of potential in the Village of Palmyra.  Here is a tourist town that is fighting to stay alive economically, but not doing much to keep tourist dollars in the village.  This is not a criticism but an observation.

There are some shops and businesses that do well.  There are also some who don’t quite understand business.  (Most of them go as fast as they come.)  Then there are those who really get it.  And, by really getting it, I mean, they get out-of-town money and bring it into the village economy.

So, I was looking at the Farnham Building, of which I own about 25%.  This building, built  1879, is physically divided by pier walls.  Starting at one end, you have a street level unit with a residential unit above it, a stair well, and then another street-level unit with another residential unit above it, followed by a pier-wall.  At some point, it was sold off as individual units separated by pier-walls.  I own the section left of center.  (Family First Chiropractic and Happiness Garden are my commercial tenants.)

A fire a few years ago destroyed the facade above the center of the building.  It was not rebuilt.  Neither was the detailed work restored after the fire.   Thus, this is how the building looks now…

Farnham Building as it Appears 2010

So, I decided to use my digital skills and see what it might look like if all four owners got together and fixed the place up.

How I Imagine the Farnham Building

Now, if I can get the other 3 owners to catch my vision.

Farmers Market

She still has pepers and a huge zucchini to use. So, we may have more relish. As it stands now, I don’t think we’ll be buying relish for the next couple of years.

The library in Macedon has a farmers market on Wednesdays.  We stopped to see what bargains they might have so Elizabethe can do some canning.

There’s an Amish man there each week, and he has some of the best produce.  We bought a dozen ears of corn.  It was the best corn I have had in a long time. 

Elizabethe got some sweet peppers (bell peppers) and used them in the relish she made from the zucchini we bought last Saturday.  The relish is kind of bread-n-butter pickle flavor and goes well on burgers, hots and brats.

She still has peppers and a huge zucchini to use.  So, we may have more relish.  As it stands now, I don’t think we’ll be buying relish for the next couple of years.

I had to take a run over to the building on East Main Street.  One of the tenants complained about water on the floor.  I looked all over and could not find the source of the water.  I’m thinking we may have a leak in the roof and it is coming behind the sheet rock and then out from the baseboard.

Mac (liberal) vs PC (conservative)

Mac users like the “closed architecture” as liberals like a secretive government. Whereas PC users like “open architecture” and transparency in government.

I got thinking. Mac users are like liberals, and PC users are like conservatives. So, allow me to have some fun with this hypothesis.

On architecture:  Mac users like the “closed architecture” as liberals like a secretive government.   Whereas PC users like “open architecture” and transparency in government.

On operating system:  Mac users like an OS where Apple dictates what programs can be authorized to run on it as liberals like government controls telling people what they can and cannot do and forms of socialism and communism.  On the other hand, PC users like an OS where all the hooks are well documented allowing developers complete freedom just as conservatives like free-enterprise and capitalism.

 On crashing:  Mac users are in complete denial when they say Macs don’t crash just as liberals are in complete denial saying spending tax dollars fixes the economy.  A Mac user will continue to dump money in to upgrading from one Mac to the next even though they really DO CRASH.  A PC user is willing to accept the fact that computers will crash.  They know that there will be better releases of Windows and service packs to fix problems, but are willing to live with it because they paid a fraction of the cost.  Likewise, a conservative knows the economy will take its dives, and that economic history shows that when government keeps its hands off things, the economy will get better.

 On graphics:  Mac users think Macs are superior for graphics just as liberal politicians think they know what is best for their constituents.   PC user on the other hand have discovered you can get a LaCie monitor for a PC that looks just like a LaCie monitor for a Mac.  I compare this to the conservative politician who listens to his constituents and discovers they do have good ideas.

On leadership:  Mac users worry that Steve Jobs will succumb to cancer and that would leave Apple leaderless and without vision.  Liberals likewise worry they will lose their hold in the legislature.  How would they then vote to give themselves raises?  PC users realize that Bill Gates has already turned the reins over to Steve Balmer, and because of the openness of Windows, it is business as usual.  Conservatives know that people quickly tire of liberal social programs and want prosperity back and so they will get elected on the next go-around.

On sharing the wealth:  Mac users support a single-supplier system that only benefits Apple and their shareholders.  Just like liberals support on single-provider health care system that will only benefit its shareholders.  PC users support a multi-vendor supply of hardware.  This has driven prices down and made computers affordable for most people.  Just as conservatives support an open health care system that, through competition, will result in lower costs.

Choir Picnic

Dallyn plays Hyrum Smith in the Joseph Smith Movie. He’s on tour with Phantom of the Opera, and is staying over here for a couple of days.

Afterwork we welcomed Dallyn Vail Bayles as a guest here at the house. Dallyn plays Hyrum Smith in the Joseph Smith Movie. He’s on tour with Phantom of the Opera, and is staying over here for a couple of days. (

Enrico and Louise were very excited to meet Dallyn because the night before we watched the Joseph Smith Movie at the Hill Cumorah Visitor’s Center. Pretty cool, eh?

We invited Dallyn to come to the choir picnic with us, but he spends his Monday nights via his web cam having FHE with his family. That’s quite understandable.

We had a nice post-pageant picnic at the stake center. Enrico and Louise got to meet a few more people.

September 19th, 2010

Enrico set a date for his baptism. He will be baptized September 19th, 2010.

Today is an important day.  Enrico set a date for his baptism.  He will be baptized September 19th, 2010.  We don’t know the exact time yet, but this is truly an exciting day.

After church, Louise fixed buffalo roast and potatoes for dinner.  We then headed to Hill Cumorah’s Visitor Center to watch the Joseph Smith movie.  After the movie, Sister Wilkinson asked Enrico when he would like to be baptized.  After checking calendars and schedules, it was decided he would be baptized on 9/19/2010.  (We’ll have an open house at the mansion afterwards so Enrico can meet people.)

This has been something I have hoped and prayed would happen.