The Gathering Place

Elder Hales and I spent some time photographing the aquaduct and then the Sacred Grove.  I didn’t realize there was a small pond next to the gathering place.  It isn’t filled all year round, only in the early spring.

The Gathering Place at Sunset

Behind where I was standing when I took this picture are several wood benches.  The missionaries often have meetings there.

Time to Spruce-up the Studio

It is time to start painting the studio.  So, tonight I started.  I painted the corner near the greenhouse door.  I was too lazy to get the ladder as I was reaching the end of my stamina, so, this is as far as I got…

Studio in Gray

That window in the door is red cylinder glass.  It’s probably worth a fortune, so it stays put.

I Remember When…

I remember when Diane Feinstein forbade the U.S. Navy from flying over the City of San Francisco.  It was during Fleet Week and she didn’t like the rumble of the Blue Angels’ jets over her palatial office in the San Francisco Civic Center.  So, I got quite a kick today when “King” Gavin Newsom forbade travel to Arizona.  (And people ask why I left California?)

Enough of that… I don’t want to depress people.

Today was sunny, but cold and windy.  Someone was trying to convince another person that yesterday’s snow in the Northeast and today’s cold winds are all due to global warming.  (I’m sitting here scratching my head trying to understand that logic.)

From a scriptural standpoint, we’re told in the last days the earth will rill too and fro like a drunken man.  Perhaps THAT is causing strange weather patterns and it has nothing to do with Freon interacting with methane in the ozone layer.  (By the way, the congressional banning of the use of Freon resulted in asthma medications going from $25 per inhaler to over $150 per inhaler.  How’s that for your pocket-book. )

Sorry… I was trying to get away from discussing politics.

Darn!  Okay, I’ve got to mention this.  Yesterday, California made it illegal for fast-food restaurants to include toys in their kids meals.  Their (ir)rational was that this contributes to obesity in children.

OH, SNAP!  (As my grandson would say.)  I guess the majority of California Assembly and Senate members never had to take a small child out on a Saturday while you did the family shopping.  Those “Happy Meals” work wonders when trying to get your children to behave.  Besides, do they really think it is going to make the kid want apple slices over French fries?

Couldn’t they have banned those really obnoxious Burger King commercials while they were at it?

Snow, Rain and Sunshine

We got snow, rain and sunshine all today.  There were a few snowflakes blowing around all morning.  Then, about 11am, it really came down.  By 11:30am, the sun was out and the driveway was completely dry.  It reminded me of those freak snow storms we got once in a while in California.  I remember two of them.  One was in April, 1976, and another was the winter of 1982.

Elizabethe showed my Palmyra book to some people at the temple.  It seems there are several who want to order copies.  So, if you’re reading this and want a copy too, let me know.  The more I can order, the lower the price will be.

Watch Batteries

I’ve got two watches.  One Elizabethe gave me, and the other my daughter Jennifer gave me a few months after the one I got from Elizabethe.  Both of them had the batteries go out at the same time.  So, I went to get new batteries at the mall.

I don’t dare change them myself after a bad experience I had several years ago.  Some of the new watches had some very, very, very tiny screws holding very tiny clips that hold the battery in place.  One of those screws goes in the wrong place and you fry your watch.  Both of these watches are too nice to fry.

$53 later, both watches are working. 

This morning during my walk I found this open robin egg.  I don’t know if the baby hatched, or the egg was eaten by starlings.  In any event, it was quite a contrast against the rock wall.

Robin Eggshell

When Elizabethe and I returned home tonight, I noticed the crabapples are now in bloom.

Elizabethe by crabapple Tree

A few minutes later, the sun went down and this was quite a spectacular sunset tonight.

Sunset April 26th, 2010, Palmyra, NY

(All these photos were taken with my iPhone 3G[S] because I was too lazy to go get my real camera.)

Welcome, Welcome Sunday

Sundays are sure a welcome day.  I was exhausted after last week.  Even though it was my turn to be organist as well as Primary Pianist, it was still a rest from all the other work.

I talked to the people who bought my picture of the Joseph Smith Log Home at the Scout auction.  They were telling me how much they enjoy it.  That was good to hear.  You always wonder what comes of your work when you donate it to a charity auction.

Natalie comes in a week from today.  This week is another busy week ahead.

Tulips and Daffodils

We sure have a lot of tulips and daffodils blooming in the yard.  Elizabethe has been eyeing the Breck’s Bulb Catalog looking for MORE to plant.  She’s been gardening all day planting flowers and veggies.

I spent the first half of the morning with my intern getting my print competition images shipped to Nebraska.  It’s a lot of work.  I figure 4 hours just to prepare them for shipping.  (I figured I should track this sort of stuff.  It’s all part of the price of entering print competition.)

After we shipped them, I did some training on shooting flowers.  Here’s a couple of the images:

Image by Miranda
Image by Brent

It was a good exercise in close-up photography, Lightroom and Photoshop.

After putting in 8 hours in the studio, I still had to go grocery shopping.  So, it was off to WalMart.  I swear, there are not enough hours in a day.

Natalie is 22 ???

It is hard to believe Natalie turns 22 today.  My goodness, they grow up all to quickly.  That means Amber turns 25 in a month, and Sariah turns 29 a few days after that. 

Elizabethe and I are about to head to the temple for our date.  So, this post will be short. 

My 4 print comp prints arrived from BayPhoto.  So, tomorrow morning it will be off to UPS for 2010 International Print Competition.  I’m aiming for 4 merits this time.  That’s right – 4 merits.  And, after getting 4, I’ll have only 3 more to go for my Master’s.

New Images on ImageKind

I had a busy day today as I went through training on the next release of AT&T’s Unified Messaging product and the Apps for the iPhone and other devices.  It took most of the day.

I kept my intern busy tonight adding new images to my ImageKind store.

Sample ImageKind framed print

The above is a sample from ImageKind.  You can select your frame, the matting, and the glazing, as well as the print size.  You do not have to order it framed, you can order just the print.  In the case of the above, a small print costs under $10.  Or, you can go with a large wall print, framed, matted and glazed for under $300.  (You’ll pay $300 retail just for the frame, mat and glazing at a retail frame shop.  These ImageKind prices are a GREAT savings.)

There is a whole new section for flowers.  Check it out.  By the way, when you do, the price you see on the artist’s suggested framing is just a suggestion.  In many cases, you can purchase products starting under $11.  Please, feel free to share the link with your friends.  (She will be adding more images on Saturday.  Check back often.)

Fox and Her Kits

I went to the Smith Farm at 6am this morning hoping to catch a glimps at the kits.  Well, I waited for a good hour and managed to get a shot of the mom, but not her kits.

Momma Fox

She kept a good radius around where I was standing.  She also has a mouse or something in her mouth.

After work, Elizabethe and I stopped back at the farm and this time, three kits were out there playing.  They were a delight to watch.  Cute as can be, they would play, wrestle, and chew on some small critters their mom had brought for them.

Three Kits


Cute Little Fellow


Taking a Break from Playing