I forgot to mention that Elder Flynn went home yesterday.  Elder Boudreaux transfers to work with the full-time elders on Tuesday.

I was really sick this morning.  One of those days where I cough so hard that it kicks off the gag reflex.  For this reason, I decided to stay in bed all day.

The snowing has mostly stopped, and from time to time the sun came out and melted more snow.  And, there were a few flurries, but nothing that would add to the accumulation.

Out of boredom, I watched a few YouTube videos on my iPhone.  I must say, there is a ton of junk out there.  Why would someone watch a video of someone sitting in front of their laptop, illuminated by their laptop screen, as they yammer about who-knows-what?

Most of what these people had to say was vulgar, misinformed and a downright waste of bandwidth and storage space.

I then switched to watching church-produced videos.  Most of them are either commercials, or conference talk clips.  However, as a result of searching for that stuff, I came across some not-so-good stuff.  Several featuring Bill Maher.  I don’t know why anyone would watch this misinformed entertainer (if you can call him an entertainer – I didn’t find him funny, but quite vulgar).

It is sad that people (1) watch Bill Maher, and (2) that people like Bill Maher will never take the time to discover that God is real.  In one of his videos he stated that there is no “proof” that there is a God.  When when people call his show to tell him they have proof, he tells them they need to go check in to Bellevue.  (Hence the meaning of “casting pearls before swine.”)  He also throws out false information regarding Mormons, by which I think he thinks he’s being funny (and some of his audience laughs), but to better informed people, the guy ends up looking ignorant. 

Now, to get some rest so this cold doesn’t turn into something worse.

Sick and Taxes

No, you read the title right.  I meant to say, “Sick and Taxes” even though I am “Sick of Taxes” too.

My cold has hit full-force and has made it into my lungs.  Elizabethe and I just sat in the sitting room doing our taxes for 2009 and occasionally fed a log to the fireplace.

Our taxation system is really unjust as well as inefficient.  I like the bumper sticker that read, “If 10% is good enough for God, it should be good enough for Uncle Sam.”

We managed to get it all organized and ready to ship to our accountant.

Although there was some snowfall today, there is a lot of melt also.  The temperatures are right at that 32-35F point.

Near Record-breaking Snow

During the 3 winters we have owned the house here in New York, today is the worst snow storm we’ve seen.  It came close it breaking records, but fell short by about 2 inches.

It was far too much for me to shovel by hand, and was falling about as fast as I could shovel.  So, I called for a snowplow.  Now, had I known it was going to take him until 11:00am  to get here I might have gone ahead and shoveled anyway.

So, I worked from home until after the driveway was cleared and then drove in to work.  When we got home, there was more snow on the driveway, but not so much that the car couldn’t make it.

I have been feeling like a cold is coming on, so I just called it quits for the day.

Warm and Snowing

Again, the mystery solved as to how it can snow all day and not get any deeper.  I sit where watching the water drip off the eaves, while the snow keeps falling.  It is 35F outside, but the snow keeps coming.  On the driveway, there are big splotches where it is wet asphalt, and the snowflakes melt as soon as they hit it. 

After a busy day at work, I re-heated some rice and beans and made some almond bar cookies.  I was ready to call it a day.  A stupid head cold has been dragging me down all day.

The news reports were supposed to really get dumped on tonight.  We’ll see.

No Novocaine

I had to have a filling replaced today.  Now, back when I had dental work done in California, I asked for no Novocaine and the dentist refused to drill unless I had a shot of Novocaine.  (I question the legality of such an ultimatum.)  This time, the dentist asked.  I told him no Novocaine.

There was very little pain or discomfort.  Now, the real plus was, my face was not traumatized by the Novocaine shot.  Those shots really cause more trauma than most dental work.  I had been told this before, but now I’ve got a good idea as to the impact.  There were about 4 moments that a jolt of pain shot through the tooth.  However, the rest of the day, I couldn’t even tell what tooth had been drilled.  There as NO residual pain.  None!

New Missionary

We have a new temple missionary staying with us.  Sister Herrick is serving a one-year temple mission and is renting the missionary suite.  She’s from Orem, Utah.

We discovered that one of the outlets in her room is on breaker #8.  Now, a little about breaker #8….

Breaker #8 has been causing us grief because it is a 15 amp breaker that has the following on it:

Kitchen outlets (microwave, mixer, George Foreman Grill, etc.)
Elizabethe’s and my bathroom (Elizabethe’s electric curlers, blow-dryer, etc.)
Elizabethe’s and my bedroom lights
and now, Sister Herrick’s bedroom outlets

For those who don’t understand what this means, I will explain.  15 amps means it can support about 1500 watts.  A George Foreman Grill is about 1500 watts.  A small electric heater, is about 1500 watts.  A blow-dryer is about 1000 watts.  A microwave oven is about 700 watts.  So, when the total wattage is more than 1500, the breaker blows.  When that happens, you have to make sure the items are shut off, and then take a trip to the basement to turn the breaker on.

As to what can be done to remedy this, I’m hoping the feed to the kitchen can be isolated and we can run from the breakers to the kitchen via the basement.  Old houses can be a royal pain when it comes to electrical issues.  I’m not sure why we never noticed this before.  Perhaps the Jones and the Crookstons didn’t use that outlet.

We also discovered that room has a breaker #6.  It too is only 15 amp.  But, its bathroom has its own breaker and outlet.  So, that room has a total of 45 amps, however, 15 is in the bathroom, and the others are well loaded.

Organ Benches are Hard

We met a couple last night at the temple who were traveling through on their way home.  The just completed a mission in New Jersey and stopped in Palmyra to go to the temple.  We invited them to stay the night at our house, and they took us out for dinner in return.

It was my turn to be organist today.  Add to that playing in Primary and that’s a lot of time sitting on a hard wooden bench.  I was then asked to play for stake priesthood meeting.  By the time I was ready for bed, my rear-end was quite sore from sitting on those hard benches all day. 

Oh, I’ve managed to complete this photo from Oatman, AZ…

Cowboy Singer

Warming Up

It’s warming up today. 

We spent the morning sorting tax papers, and the afternoon working in the temple.  We normally work on Tuesday, but some friends couldn’t make it so we substituted for them.

My laptop is going through Windows updates and reboots.  It started off with 75, then 38, then 18, then, 3, then it jumped back up to something like 18 again.  It doesn’t look like it will be back to normal this weekend.